Post Preview

Hey, anyone out there feeling totally overwhelmed at planning the details of a wedding in Mexico?  We are definitely on a budget...we opted for the free wedding, as the cost of the master suite was actually less than paying for the wedding package.  We wanted to upgrade the flowers, cake, etc., anyway, so this seemed like the best way to go. 


Our wedding is May 21, 4pm in the gazebo.  We have no idea how many people will be able to come, but we think it will be very small.  Was anyone able to see the final guest list before planning the reception?  I'd like to do a private reception, but only if it is relatively small group...this can get really expensive with a lot of people!  Has anyone had experience with a small, semi-private reception?


Our wedding planner's name is Elvy.  Has anyone worked with her before?  She seems super helpful so far, and very responsive. 


I'm also interested in what people have done for hair/makeup?  How's the salon at the resort?  Should I book an appointment with someone else?  How about the photographer?  We definitely want to choose our own photographer, but the contract says there is a $350 fee for outside vendors.  Is there a way around this, if I want to use a local photographer?  Would I have to pay this fee if I wanted to hire my own mariachi band?  I've heard of other people doing this.


I am so excited, but a little nervous about what I need to do to prepare.  If anyone can share stories about how they are getting ready for the big day at the Royal, I would be grateful :)