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  1. Hi Ladies! I just got back from the wedding and have some pics of me in my dress. I need to correct my style code too. It is AL 3348 and it part of the Spring 2011 collection (so I've been told). The off the shoulder strap can be worn high (kind of like a toga), low across the arm, or you can tuck it in and make it strapless. I wore it low across the arm for pics and ceremony and made it strapless for the reception and dancing. Front: Back: Close up of front:
  2. Hi Ladies! I just got back last night and will post pics and a review later. One thing I wanted to communicate now is for brides this month and next. We (and none of our guests) brought light jackets or sweaters for the evening time. It is cold at night, mid to low 60s and it gets that cold by 8pm. Luckily we gave all of the ladies pashminas in their OOT bags, but they could have used additional clothing. We all brought light dresses for evening time. So, bring something. Even the guys were chilly in pants and short sleeves. Ok, back to work. I will try to post my review and pics by the weekend.
  3. Hi ladies! I finally picked up my dress on Saturday! We leave tomorrow. I don't have any pics of me in it, but it is below. It doesn't have a name, but the style code is AL 3340. It will be part of the Spring 2011 line.
  4. Hi Ladies! Diahr - It is sad to hear that your FI's parents are making excuses. Whether they are there or not, you will have an amazing time. It may not seem like it now, but it really will work out in the end. I have very little of my family attending and I'm ok with it. At first I was sad, but then came to the realization that we chose this path and are happy with our choice. We wouldn't have it any other way! Prettypigpig and Jesmcan - Thanks for the info on pesos! FutureMrsYak and OribitingBklyn - See you guys this weekend! msglave - I hear ya on losing your mind! Nobody told me that the last month would get crazy. I wish I had started on somethings sooner, but oh well. If its not done now, its not getting done. I leave at 6AM tomorrow! I'll post tons of pics when we get back.
  5. Congratulations Karen! So good to hear that everything was fabulous! Recent brides - Did you guys exchange USD for pesos? If so, where did you get the best rate? I know back in September the government starting imposing the use of pesos rather than dollars. I wonder if the shops, bars, etc are holding to it. Or are they accepting USD? Any help is appreciated. I leave in 1 week!!
  6. Lisa - It is all so great! Good job. I love love love the hankies....I went right to etsy to see if I could get some, but shipping is at least 7 days from Poland I leave in 9 days. Your flowers are gorgeous. Very exotic. Congrats and I can't wait to see pics of your weekend!
  7. Have you tried etsy.com? I was able to purchase cute pear ornaments that say "the perfect pair" They are personalized, cute and inexpensive. I don't know that I would classify them as expensive looking, but I love them. We purchased them for all of the women attending the wedding. There were a lot of options on etsy. In case you're interested, the shop I ordered from was Cyndesminis. She also has a website: http://www.cyndesminis.com/wedfavorspage.html Oh, and the best part, is that they were done in just a couple of days. Our wedding is December 4, 2010 and I just ordered last week. You're really ahead of the game -Danielle
  8. Hi guys, A couple of notes on recent posts: 1. Transfers - We hired WE GO MEXICO for all of our guests transfers. My friend and I have both previously used their services and they are reliable, can accommodate all sized parties, and are well-priced. He gave us a group discount and is very easy to work with. One thing we especially like about this company is that it is a small family business. 2. Meal selections - I'm so glad somebody posted this! I have not yet communicated to my WC how many beef vs. vegetarian dishes. Thank you for the reminder! 3. TSA/Dress steaming - The resort is going to steam my dress...it is part of my package. Since I am having it steamed, I am folding it up in its bag and packing it into a rollerboard suitcase to put in the overhead bin. My dress, veil, shoes and groom's suit, shirt, tie and shoes are all going in the rollerboard. I have heard that sometimes people luck out with being able to hang their dress, but I don't want to take the risk. We have a full flight. This week, I packed one big suitcase with OOT bag items! Getting so excited!
  9. Welcome back Jess, Natalie and Randi! So glad to hear that everyone had fantastic times and that everything turned out well. I look forward to reading your reviews and seeing pics! My biggest hurdle so far has been w/my bridal salon. Upon ordering my dress, they were so fantastic....great customer service, friendly, answered questions, etc. Last night, I FINALLY got my dress (I leave in 15 days). The salon promised the dress two weeks ago. IT IS THE WRONG COLOR. It is white and I mean white. I ordered ivory. The second the seamstress pulled it out of the bag, I said it's the wrong color. They tried to tell me that I ordered white. Um, no. All along, I wanted ivory. My shoes are ivory, my veil is ivory, etc. They are contacting Maggie Sottero today to see if they can ship out a new dress today. Cross your fingers! If this is the worst thing that happens, I can deal with a white dress. Also, my mom's dress still hasn't come in from them and they keep saying it will be here in time. They also promised her dress 2 weeks ago. How long does it take? UGH! Ok, enough venting. Things could be much worse....I keep trying to keep things into perspective.
  10. I have more info on the Limited Edtion dresses if anyone was interested/wondering. As of July/August, salons no longer offer Limited Edition dresses. Some of the former Limited Edition styles have been discontinued. Other Limited Edition styles will be added to the Spring 2011 line, including the dress I chose. Again, I still do not have my dress. The salon's store manager scheduled my fitting for Monday, so she is confident my dress will arrive today or tomorrow. I will post as soon as I can.
  11. I have been super patient with my bridal salon and Maggie, but we are really cutting it close to the wire here. I knew this would be the case since they had to rush order it. I ordered my dress on 7/3 for my 12/4 wedding. The lady at the salon actually noted my wedding date on the paperwork as 11/28 so that it would be here in time. They said it shipped Thursday, so now I am just waiting for the call. Sleepless nights!! Maggie has apparently stopped selling their "Limited Edition" dresses. Certain salons were allowed to sell these "Limited Edition" dresses and others were not. I went to a salon that did not sell the "Limited Editions" but she was able to work with the Maggie rep to get me the dress. And at cost! Previously, when using the store locator on Maggies website, there would be "L" next the the D and M indicating which dresses were available at this salon. I don't see any of those L's anymore, so I wonder if I was one of the last to order a "Limited Edition." Also, my dress is not available for viewing online....doesn't have a name or a code. I will post a pic as soon as it comes in and I get to try it on. Has anyone else ordered a "Limited Edition?" Anybody heard of this? I called another salon that used to sell "Limited Editions" and confirmed the same story that my salon told me....just wondering if anyone else had this same experience.
  12. SMcKinney22 - Thanks so much for the recommendation. Now that you mention it, I feel like most resorts do that when you check-in. I will just do an "activities" listing with locations named. Its not like the resort is huge anyway. Thanks lady. Jesmncan - Don't forget about daily savings.....not that you'll sleep tonight anyway Good luck this week. Knowing you, you'll rock it out! ChicagoBride2011 - So excited you picked that dress! It is so beautiful and elegant and meets the "beach appropriate, but still a wedding gown" criteria. Yay Maggie! It is such a great thing to check off your to-do list. Nice
  13. Does anyone have a general list of frozen drinks and their ingredients? I am looking to include a beverage list in our welcome packets so that people know what to order at the resort. I asked my WC as well, but thought one of you guys have this handy. Thanks!
  14. Yes, we are doing just candles and 2 bags of rose petals (5 tables of guests). One bag of pink and one bag of orange to be spread around the candles. We also will have table numbers and pictures of us at that age, i.e. table 1 is a picture of each of us, in b&w, at age 1. I am so laid back about all of this, that I am cool w/no flowers on the tables. Maybe I'm a little too laid back bc I just started getting our programs, welcome letters and OOT bag stuff yesterday.
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