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  1. I live in Toronto and was married recently (Jan 18, 2012) at the Majestic Colonial resort in Punta Cana. We have received our marriage certifcate and accompaning documents in Spanish. I've had these documents translated to English by an accredited translator. I want to change my last name to my married name on all my documents. The first document I wanted to change was my drivers license. I was told by an agent at the Service Canada office that I had to complete an 'election to change surname' form. Submitting this form means that my name on birth certificate would change to my married name. This does not make sense to me. Is anyone having this trouble? Is there another way to change my name on my driver's license? Please help!! Thank you!
  2. I'm in the same boat. Got our marriage certificate from Punta Cana. Had it translated to English by an accredited translator here in Toronto. I've gotten mixed messages on how to change my last name. I doubt our system is the same since you live in the US and I in Canada. Good luck.
  3. Totally agree with you. DJ Mannia is too pricey for a few hours.
  4. Hi Fired Up Bride 2 Be - Congrats to you!! Yes i thought the same. DJ Mannia seems too pricey for 2hours. The resort has a DJ of their own and the price seems alot more reasonable. We were able to visit the Colonial last year to get a feel for the place and to make sure that we wanted to have our wedding there. We got a tour of the Majestic elegance also from Stephany Garcia (wedding coordinator @ Colonial). Colonial is were its at!! You've picked a great resort. We are having a Catholic ceremony in the chapel. No private dinner for us..its too expense. We have reservations at Tres Cabarales restaurant (seafood) - its free. Our reception will be at the Wet bar but we may change to the Parrot bar. Both bars are located near the pool. Our pics will be with the resort photographer. If you have any other questions let me know. Good Luck!! - Ang
  5. For the Majestic Colonial brides: what music service are you using? DJ Mannia or the resort DJ? My wedding is January 18/11 - everything is booked just deciding on which DJ to use. I've heard a ton of great things about DJ Mannia. Thanks and Best wishes to all upcoming brides to be!! ANG
  6. Yes. I'm having that dilemma as well. We plan on getting married Jan 2012. I want to get the pricing first because if there is a cheaper week in Jan 2012 then i'd book for that time frame. But i also dont want to wait too long to get pricing because i want to reserve a wedding date and time with the resort before the spaces are gone. its even more of a challenge because we are have a catholic wedding so we have to find out the availability of the priest. so confused.
  7. We will be having a December wedding (2011). I'm thinking of a personalized christmas tree ornament as our gift to our family and close friends. I havent been able to find really nice, expensive looking, ornaments. Does anyone know where to find these? I've checked some websites but they have a cartoonish, cheap look to them. Please help!! Thanks so much~
  8. Sounds great! Congrats to you & yours. Depends what you are looking for. My fiancee and had a list and finally decided on the Majestic Colonial. Our family and close friends will be attending and we needed a resort that would cater to all age groups, children activites, does amazing weddings, wasn't too crowed, golf, various wedding choices (chapel, gazebo, beach). My highly recommended advice would be to check out www.tripadvisor.com. Good luck with everything. Best Wishes.
  9. Congrats! How was the food? Which food option did you choose (silver, gold, platinum)? What was your main course?
  10. both look nice. 1st is an older look. like the colour breakup of sash. 2nd looks more modern. like the bottom of second dress.
  11. Hi ladies, How was the wedding food at Dreams, Punta Cana? Which package did you choose?
  12. No worries. People call me Ang, Angie, Angela. It's all good. I've browsed through the website for Dreams Punta Cana and viewed many tripadvisor reviews. This resort seems to be what we are looking for. Unable to get any pricing for this resort as yet as our date is too far in advance. Was told by the travel agent to get back to her the beginning of May. Have u been able to get a price for your destination?
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