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  1. Awe thanks kellygrrrl... I'm happy to share them! My bridesmaid dresses are mori lee afairs style 854 approx $190+tax. I found them on line then ordered them from the place I bought my wedding dress.
  2. Hello fello BDW brides! We were married at the RPDC on 20.11.2011. I was like all of you reading the forums and trying to gather as much information as I could. It can definitely be frustrating when your planning a wedding from another country. I just wanted to let you know that our wedding was perfect... Just as I read it would be. Every little detail was taken care of and it was magical. Just breathe and go with it. Ut will be over before you know it. I've attached our slideshow from our photographers Del Sol... Enjoy!! Much love from Mrs. O
  3. Hey everyone!! Just wanted to check in and say hello under 3 months to go! We just booked our photographer "La Luna" I'm so excited. Now only 100 little things left to do lol. Still undecided about the DJ... Hire one or use the iPod?? Any suggestions??
  4. Hi MillyB, Haven't been on for a while... I'm doing the same thing!!! Can't commit to a photographer... So much to consider. I've narrowed my search down, have you made any decisions??
  5. Bonnie ... Congratulations!!!! What a great planning journal! You looked absolutely beautiful, your dress is gorgeous!!!! Everything looked great;)
  6. Thanks Kelly, such helpful feedback... really appreciate it. I think your right about selecting the right amount of hours to ensure they are not rushed. The pricing I received had 5hrs min - which I thought may be too much. If you were able to get 4 that is probably what I would want. Melissa was the one I was emailing with and she was so helpful. I think I will call her tomorrow. It will be so nice to cross one more thing to do off my list. Lol Thanks again Kelly:)
  7. Hello fello BDW Brides... just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! to all the recent Brides and to all those who's big day is approaching soon:) I have less than 5 months to go and I feel like I'm running out of time... so much still to do!! Lol I have a questions about photography... I was interested in Del Sol after viewing their work - it's amazing... but It's a little pricey. They emailed me that they have a sister company named La Luna and their pricing seems fair... problem is I don't know what is good pricing or not, so I was wondering if any of you have booked La Luna and if so were you happy with the end result... and price! Really appreciate your feedback:)
  8. Love them all... we don't have ours let to show but my FI's niece just finished a cake making course and she is amazing! We are going to have her make a topper for our cake with our wedding colour Tiffany Blue. I'll post pics later!
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