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ROYAL PLAYA DEL CARMEN BRIDES: were kids allowed for the day? ...and other questions

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I have planned several Destination weddings at The Royal Playa Del Carmen. Just a beautiful first class resort with exceptional staff, rooms and services. I've had weddings that have had family members who either had children or were on a budget  and then booked in the Real next door which can work out well because these resorts are right beside eachother so family can see eachother on the beach etc. Day passes were $75.00 usd last time I was there in November and in terms of the wedding and reception children are allowed on property for those two events as well. If you need specific information you can email me at lizm@allbouthoneymoons.com and I'd be happy to answer your questions about this resort and others if you like.

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Originally Posted by orbitingbklyn View Post

Has anyone used the "house" DJ?  I am having trouble deciding between using my IPOD and paying $80 for a person at the hotel to operate it (with instructions from me) and getting a microphone ($80) for use for a few speeches. 

I just got married on the 18th at the Royal and brought an ipod loaded with the songs we wanted. I broke it down into the following categories; wedding ceremony, wedding dinner music, wedding first dances, and wedding reception. We payed the money to have someone run the ipod and he was awesome. We put the ipod on shuffle and the rest was history. We figured we would have to do the work anyway to make a list of the songs we wanted, might as well save $800!


Originally Posted by Lisa DSO View Post

the lastest review on tripadvisor was a bit disconcerting (regarding police corruption):



here is a snippet:


"Cautions about the police in mexico. They are crooked jerks who are looking for
white people to harrass and extort money from. We rented jeeps in Cozumel and
had 2 couples in each jeep. Just before we were bringing the jeeps back, the
police pulled us over and said we did not slow down over a speedbump. We did
slow down because the speedbumps are huge and there is no way you could go over
them at full speed. Anyway they said we had to give them $50 per jeep(which they
pocketed) and put it discretely in a green notebook that the cop was holding or
go to jail. Also 2 of my friends who have never been out of the USA before were
walking on the beach just off the resort property (where they rent out jetskis
during the day) at about 11:30 pm when some police with machine guns came up to
them and told them they were being arrested and that they should give them all
the money in their pockets. Well the man only had $1 and his royal keycard, so
the police told him to leave his wife there with them and go to the room and get
money or his ATM card to pay them. AS IF HE WOULD ACTUALLY LEAVE HIS WIFE WITH
THEM!!!!! The cops kept grapping their machine guns. Eventually the couple just
turned around and walked toward the resort and the police did not follow them.
They kept thinking they were gonna get shot in the back. Needless to say their
trip was ruined and they will never go back to Mexico again and probably never
go on a beach vacation anywhere but in the USA again.


We definitely saw military personnel with machine guns on the beach and in 5th avenue. We didn't have any issues and we went out into town many nights into the wee hours of the morning. It was funny when we were taking our pics in town there was an officer with his machine gun leaning up against a street sign texting. We had friends go to Cozumel and didn't mention any issues.


Originally Posted by rosieposie View Post



on another note.....anyone else of this recent news on the Mexican Pesos?

16 SEP 2010:  Effective immediately all vacationers travelling to Mexico will be required to use Mexican pesos only.  Other currencies, including Canadian and American dollars will no longer be accepted in the country.

The use of international credit cards is unaffected as transactions will continue to be processed in Mexican pesos, as per current practice.

It is recommended that travellers bring Mexican pesos and/or credit cards to avoid difficulties


We ran into this. Apparently they cannot accept anything more than $20 US. I believe they do offer currency exchange at the Royal.


Originally Posted by risa1818 View Post


My question to you ladies who have visited there, was the beach nice? I am slightly concerned because I am totally a beach person. I love laying on the beach, swimming in it, etc. My concern is that most people say the beach is not that nice. That it has a sulfur smell to it and it can be really rocky in most parts. Is this true?


I am not a picky person, but I do want to make sure that my guests are loving the beach!


Any feedback on this from you ladies that have been there?


I thought the beach was fine and didn't notice any sulfur smell. You do have to walk down a little ways because of the rocks, but the water is really nice! They have had issues with errosion since the last time I was there 2 years ago, but there was still plenty of lounge chains.


Originally Posted by Lisa DSO View Post

Yay, Fernandofinally confirmed with me last night :-) Cheers to relaxing in the room....now, do they charge for him coming to do my makeup (just me)?




Fernando and his team are AMAZING!!! And fast!! I would say they were both done in about an hour or an hour and 15 minutes. I loved the way my hair and make up looked and I gave no direction. I paid $60/person for them to come to my room. Apparently you are allowed 3 or 4 non guests to come to your room 3 hours before the wedding as long as they don't have equipment. Not sure how that differs from a photographer, but oh well. We had a great time with my girlfriends watching me get ready with a few bottles of champagne involved :-).


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Hi Ladies,

I just got back today from our wedding on the 18th at the Royal. I'll leave the detailed review for later, but touch on a few topics. I was one of the brides that had 3 or 4 WC's before getting to Mexico. Had I not been to a wedding there before I would have canceled, but I knew how amazing it would turn out. Zulma was great to work with although there were a few issues. We did a gazebo wedding and a beach reception. She said we needed to have a plan in case it rained. The wedding we had been to previously moved their wedding into Pelicanos when it rained. We were told we would be moved to a ballroom. I was crushed because I did not bring 30 people to Mexico for a beach wedding to get married in a ballroom (I live in Vegas....there are a million ballrooms...haha). Fortunately we had an amazing day and they rain held off until about 15 minutes till the end of the reception. The rain stopped no one on the dance floor!! In fact we carried the party to Blue Parrot. I don't believe we were charged an entrance fee, but maybe because I was still rocking the wedding dress! Definitely negotiate! They tried to charge us $20 a person to get in and we talked them down to $5.


The second issue was we had everyone sign a frame matte instead of a guest book. Unfortunately it went missing. I think it probably got rained on and they didn't want to tell us. When I confronted the WC she kind of made it seem as though it was my fault. Definitely make sure you have someone in charge of collecting anything important.


Most importantly, don't stress, it will turn out amazing. Juliet had some great advice for future brides and I cannot agree with her more. Juliet, I saw your wedding and you looked beautiful! I hope you enjoyed your day....I know we did!

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jamk - welcome back so glad to hear everything went well :) sorry to hear about what happened with the frame though :( can't wait to see pictures


Nikki - I don't have templates for the door hangers I'm sorry :( I just designed mine in photoshop

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Hey RunningBride24, I know your leaving really soon.  I have to try and figure out how to get the picture on here.  I got a brochure from my WC with all the info.  and that was on the back.   I'm going to try and scan it and everything and see if it works.  hopefully it does!

Originally Posted by RunningBride24 View Post

Wow, lots to get caught up on!!! So glad you ladies are here! I got a part-time modeling gig so I've been working some nights. Hey it pays the bills!


Jo, do you think you could PM me the map that you have? I would love one of the rooms. Have any of you done the online check-in and picked your room? How does that work?


YAY!! So exciting!! I finally ordered his band 2 weeks ago and got it last week. Talk about last minute, yikes.


Jess you're such a stud! You're so on top of things! LOVE IT! Good luck w/ the BM dresses, hopefully you have better luck than I did! My correct BM dresses are being shipped today, will be in the store on Wednesday and one has to be shipped to my BM in New York. Poor girls have NO time!


Cancun Transfers I have heard nothing but great things about and some of my guests are using them.


Jess do you have a template for door hangers?


Ugh I hope it all works out! I'm so worried about being on on my wedding day. I just skipped the placebo pills and took my packs straight through to avoid. Last month I missed though, pry b/c I'm stressing myself out. I know I'm not preggo since we took a 3-month break before the wedding and it is KILLING ME!. Blah.


Oh, Happy FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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thanks for this info!  just wondering, did the guy at the hotel play the appropriate music at the right times?  or did you just shuffle the whole playlist?  also, did you get the microphone for speeches, etc?  i figured i could just say a few things & have anyone doing a speech take the initiative (or have it planned at a certain time)


congrats on a fab wedding!







Originally Posted by jamk32179 View Post


I just got married on the 18th at the Royal and brought an ipod loaded with the songs we wanted. I broke it down into the following categories; wedding ceremony, wedding dinner music, wedding first dances, and wedding reception. We payed the money to have someone run the ipod and he was awesome. We put the ipod on shuffle and the rest was history. We figured we would have to do the work anyway to make a list of the songs we wanted, might as well save $800!


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Originally Posted by msglave View Post


Hey ladies, sorry I've been MIA. Been working on my dissertation, preparing for the wedding and celebrating my birthday! Just wanted to let you all know that we finally booked and paid the deposit for the photographer and my hair. We are going with Victor Herrera and Doranna for hair. I can't believe we are only 3 months away! That time really flew by!





What's the best way to get in contact with Doranna? I sent her an email thru her website almost a week ago and still haven't heard from her. The woman who was going to do my hair is a very close friend of the family and had to cancel her trip to PDC for the wedding because her brother just passed away and she has to fly to DR and doesn't know when she'll be back. It's very sad to hear I can't even imagine how she feels. Now I'm looking for somone down there to do our hair.


Any other suggestions ladies? From my understanding Fernando is expensive and I'll use the Spazul only as a last resort!

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Hi ladies!  I leave for Mexico in 10 days!  Ahhhhh it got here so quickly!  I want to do a planning thread but don't know the best place to post it?  Does anyone know where those are usually posted? 


Runningbride and Fancy That- are ya'll about ready?  Can you believe our days got here so fast?  Exciting and crazy all at once!



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      I wrote a ridiculously long review (11 pages). It includes my itinerary, my 6 page travel letter for worry warts, guest bags, every detail of the hotel, cost, advice, etc. I’m not going to overload the FB page with it so here is a link to the review if you want to read it. In short, I would give this hotel and experience 5 stars and recommend you use an outside vendor for photography and DJ just for cost effective reasons. Theirs is amazing and will not disappoint. My favorite part of my stay was the wedding of course and the spa. Favorite people at the resort were Paola (wedding planner), Vividiana (check in), Veronica and Marisol (spa). https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RaFb19Pbn8tDvNY3_GSoZ8DX0plYaT_F

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