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  1. Hi Ladies! Sorry I haven't been on in a while, I hope everyone's holidays are going great! I have my church ceremony here next Saturday so I've been busy with that. I'm halfway done with my review so hopefully I'll have it up soon. I wanted to share some good news, I got my pro pictures last week and they are now posted on his blog. I must say that Victor Herrera is amazing and I am soo happy to have hired him. He is super sweet and extremely artistic. If you are looking for a wedding photograher I encourage you to check him out. so here's the link to his blog (we are the post for Dec 30th): http://www.victorherrera.com.mx/blog/ and he has more pics on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=261931&id=101847417414 If you want to request me on fb I have a ton of pics on there from the wedding and vacation. Hope you like them! Once I get the video trailer I'll post the link for that too. We used Steve Cantrall for video and they were also amazing to work with!
  2. Hi Sabrina, My heart dropped when I saw your engagement ring, I have the same one in Rose gold/platinum! We got it at Micheal C Fina which is where I guess you saw it. I absolutely love it! Everything you did looks great, soo many details! Best of luck and congrats!!!
  3. Hi Mike We were 2 of the 100 ppl gathered on the beach watching!! The ceremony was beautiful! Congrats!!
  4. Hi Ladies I'm back as a Mrs!!!!! We had the most amazing time!! I'm going to put up my review by Tuesday but I'll try and post some pics before then xoxo
  5. I have Michele and she has been pretty responsive. Usuallly a day or two. She emails my work so if I see here respond to an email and I have another question I email her back right away hoping that hse's still going thru her mail. LOL I forgot to ask you girls, when you made the final payment did they make you fill out a form and ask for id? They asked my FI and he refused.They said the bank of Mexico required it idk, that seemed a little shady but when he said he will give his id when we check in then they were fine with it.
  6. Recent brides - What time did the sun really start to set when you were in PDC?
  7. Lisa when do you leave? I have sooo much to do! My roots are terrible LOL going to get groomed on Saturday!! Oh and to top things off I have a Sinus Infection!!! I'll def be looking for you! We'll be the loud spanish ppl always at the bar, my FI is Puerto Rican and I'm half Colombian and half Dominican so we have no volumne control when we drink!
  8. Jess welcome back!! I'm happy to hear everything was perfect!! I can't wait to see your pictures! I can't believe I leave in 5 days!!!
  9. What is everyone doing for video? Are you getting someone from outside, using the resort vendor or just having your guests video the ceremony and reception? Now I wand to have it done professionally but I can't find anyone that I like and is still available!
  10. Jess! Everything looks great!! Best wishes and can't wait to see the pictures when you get back!!
  11. I also have Michele. SSame thing happened, I waited a few days then sent a follow-up email which she responded to right away. She seems very on top of things!
  12. Thanks Natalie!! I think I'll go with the salon at the resort. I have 3 good pictures of the style i'm looking for so hopefully they can come close! The stylist was going to uses is charging me $170 then I have a $100 vendor fee so it would be $270 oppose to $70 so if you recommend them I keep the extra $200 LOL For makeup my FI aunt will be doing it so I'm set with that.