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  1. Don't stress on the menu stuff....there wasn't really a salad that appealed to us so I asked if we could just have a ceasar salad (and the ceasar is amazing and beautiful..it actually stands up on your plate...lol) and that was no problem. Also we only had 15 people but I ended up with 3 entree options, most people had the beef filet which was to die for, a few people ended up with the chicken dish and said it was good and 2 people opted for a vegetarian option. They are very accommodating, so anything you think you would like to have, just ask I bet they will make it happen. We actually done the same for the breakfast that they bring you the next morning we requested different things than they offered and it was no problem.
  2. Just wanted to let you guys know that if you are not to fussy about some of the menu choices you can always request something else. I didn't like and of the salad choices on the menu that we could choose from so I just asked if they could substitute a ceasar salad. It was soooo good, and the presentation was amazing.
  3. We actually had everything outside on the beach. The ceremony started at 5:30pm, finished around 6ish, we went and took pictures till 7:30 while the guests enjoyed the cocktails and hot h'orderves, then we started the reception at 7:30, and we done our first dance, father/daughter and mother/son dance prior to supper so the photographer could finish up early. And the reception was over a little past 10:30pm.
  4. I just did up a seating chart on paper and indicated who was having what entree and gave it to the wedding coordinator. It worked perfectly and I didn't need to do more work for place cards or anything.
  5. I think I posted a pic of my dress from the day we went dress shopping but didn't post any from when it finally came and my fittings were done, so here are a few from our wedding. The dress was perfect for a DW, so light and flowy, loved it. The last pic is from the TTD and it is actually the only pic I have with the train let down, I had it bustled the majority of the day.
  6. We used our Ipod, as much fun as the DJ looked, I am glad we just went with the Ipod, we finished pictures at 7:30pm so thats when the reception started. We did our first dance, mother/son and father/daughter dances prior to the meal so the photographer could finish up then. But by the time the meal was finished we had about 1 1/2 hrs of dance time, since the receptions are for 3 hrs. If I could go back and do it again that is the only thing I would have changed, I would have paid for the extra hr for the reception.
  7. Don't fret the blood work, I had myself all worked up about it and for the both of us it was like 2 mins. They only take a very small sample. We both said the shots that we had before we left were way worse. The doctor showed up at the marriage center, and she opens brand new needles for every person and takes a very small sample, like I said it was over in like 30 seconds. For the paper work, we just needed our tourist cards and passports. And the 4 days prior will give you time to get a nice tan and relax, it is an amazing place. I hope you have a great wedding.
  8. Congrats...soon be time to leave...YAY. We used a IPod and we have no regrets....it worked out perfectly. I wouldn't have done it any other way. The reception is only 3 hrs long, so you have to take into consideration that your meal is a 3 course meal, so we only had about 2 hrs of dancing. So as fun as the DJ seemed to be it just didn't seem like it was worth all the money since the first 3 main dances took about 15 mins we really only danced for like 1hr and 45 mins. Don't worry it will be absolutely perfect. I hope you have an amazing trip!! Good luck
  9. I'm a newfie...we just got back from our April 28th wedding at The Royal in Playa del Carmen. Congrats on your engagement!!!
  10. Thanks. I got them from Express. They have a website too. I had a friend on a trip in NYC and got her to pick them up for me I think they were like $20.....I never even wore them much, we went bare foot in the sand!!
  11. We just paid the $350 outside vendor fee and they had no problem. The photographer showed up with his assistant and told the front desk they were here for our wedding, they called the wedding coordinator and once she confirmed they were allowed in they we both given passes for the event. We had no hassle with this at all.
  12. I'm back!!!!!!!!!!! OMG.....everything was perfect. You guys will not be disappointed with your choice! I will post a review of the wedding and everything once I get my photos from our amazing photographers (Moments That Matter Photography), so I can show you what it looked like. I still can't believe i'm married and how amazing the day was. YAY!
  13. Hey everyone, can't believe we are leaving tomorrow morning. It is crazy. It seems like yesterday that I signed up on this forum and didn't know what to do next. You guys have been amazing, such great ideas and advice. I just updated my planning thread ( http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/63105/jennie0521-s-planning-thread-diy-invitations-on-pg-1-more-planning-photos-on-pg-3/20 ). I will post some pics when we return. So excited. And CHICAGOBRIDE2011 have a amazing wedding, we might see you down there. Talk to you all later!!!
  14. Here are some of the other details. This is the grooms bout, comes standard from the resort. This is similar to the bouquet that I ordered. I is just going to be all calla lillies though with turquoise ribbon around the stems and the bridesmaids will be the same just a bit smaller. These are my bridesmaid dresses. Love them, I love the fact that it is something they can wear again and it is super light. I don't have a pic of the boys outfits but they are just wearing light grey linen pants with a white cotton shirt, and I found white and grey flip flops at Aldo for them for the reception. This is the only pic I have of my dress right now and it is from the first dress shopping trip so it doesn't fit quite right, but I love it. It fits perfectly now. It is so light and flowy, but yet modern, I fell in love when I put it on. These are my cute shoes. A friend picked them up for me in NYC at express. Just comfy flats for the reception, going bare foot for the ceremony. What else would you do on a beach! Here are my garters I ordered from itsmyday on etsy.com. Jori was a pleasure to work with. And I totally love them. I wanted a splash of color with my jewelry but nothing too bold, my bridesmaid/sister-in-law found this for me, it is perfect. And I think I will either be wearing these or a pair of diamond studs that the fiance gave me 2 christmas ago. And here are our wedding bands.....Love it. I think I love everything...lol Anyways guys I am off tomorrow. Will post photos and a review once I return. Just wanted to say thanks for all the amazing ideas and helpful advice I have found on this site. It has been a life saver. Thanks again and I will talk to you all when I am a MRS!!!!!!
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