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  1. we put the reception music on shuffle. although there were times we wanted to hear a specific song and just asked him to change the music. the microphone came with the package as well. our wedding wasn't too formal so we started off with a thank u speech and just passed around the mic to whomever wanted to speak. it worked out well for us! Â
  2. Hi Ladies, I just got back today from our wedding on the 18th at the Royal. I'll leave the detailed review for later, but touch on a few topics. I was one of the brides that had 3 or 4 WC's before getting to Mexico. Had I not been to a wedding there before I would have canceled, but I knew how amazing it would turn out. Zulma was great to work with although there were a few issues. We did a gazebo wedding and a beach reception. She said we needed to have a plan in case it rained. The wedding we had been to previously moved their wedding into Pelicanos when it rained. We were told we would be moved to a ballroom. I was crushed because I did not bring 30 people to Mexico for a beach wedding to get married in a ballroom (I live in Vegas....there are a million ballrooms...haha). Fortunately we had an amazing day and they rain held off until about 15 minutes till the end of the reception. The rain stopped no one on the dance floor!! In fact we carried the party to Blue Parrot. I don't believe we were charged an entrance fee, but maybe because I was still rocking the wedding dress! Definitely negotiate! They tried to charge us $20 a person to get in and we talked them down to $5. Â The second issue was we had everyone sign a frame matte instead of a guest book. Unfortunately it went missing. I think it probably got rained on and they didn't want to tell us. When I confronted the WC she kind of made it seem as though it was my fault. Definitely make sure you have someone in charge of collecting anything important. Â Most importantly, don't stress, it will turn out amazing. Juliet had some great advice for future brides and I cannot agree with her more. Juliet, I saw your wedding and you looked beautiful! I hope you enjoyed your day....I know we did!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by orbitingbklyn Has anyone used the "house" DJ? I am having trouble deciding between using my IPOD and paying $80 for a person at the hotel to operate it (with instructions from me) and getting a microphone ($80) for use for a few speeches. I just got married on the 18th at the Royal and brought an ipod loaded with the songs we wanted. I broke it down into the following categories; wedding ceremony, wedding dinner music, wedding first dances, and wedding reception. We payed the money to have someone run the ipod and he was awesome. We put the ipod on shuffle and the rest was history. We figured we would have to do the work anyway to make a list of the songs we wanted, might as well save $800! Â We definitely saw military personnel with machine guns on the beach and in 5th avenue. We didn't have any issues and we went out into town many nights into the wee hours of the morning. It was funny when we were taking our pics in town there was an officer with his machine gun leaning up against a street sign texting. We had friends go to Cozumel and didn't mention any issues. Â We ran into this. Apparently they cannot accept anything more than $20 US. I believe they do offer currency exchange at the Royal. Â I thought the beach was fine and didn't notice any sulfur smell. You do have to walk down a little ways because of the rocks, but the water is really nice! They have had issues with errosion since the last time I was there 2 years ago, but there was still plenty of lounge chains. Â Fernando and his team are AMAZING!!! And fast!! I would say they were both done in about an hour or an hour and 15 minutes. I loved the way my hair and make up looked and I gave no direction. I paid $60/person for them to come to my room. Apparently you are allowed 3 or 4 non guests to come to your room 3 hours before the wedding as long as they don't have equipment. Not sure how that differs from a photographer, but oh well. We had a great time with my girlfriends watching me get ready with a few bottles of champagne involved :-). Â
  4. I am going to take a risk and not do a trial. I might go to the MAC counter here to get some inspiration and take that to him. I am running out of time though! I am getting married on the 18th so I'll be sure to post some hair and make-up pics when I get home. Â
  5. Hi JYD, I am having Fernando Fuentes come to my room to do hair and make-up. I was told he could be on my "list" of people that could come 3 hours before the wedding without a fee. His website is http://the-makeup-pros.com/. I was originally going to walk to the MAC store on 5th, but when I called to make an appointment they said I had to purchase approximately $70 in product for the trial and then $110 on the day of. I'd rather spend that money sitting in my room sipping a little bubbly in the A/C. Let me know if you want his email. Jen Â
  6. Â Lisa, We are packing our OOT bag stuff in a suitcase and taking it with us. I created signs in english and spanish stating "Not for resale" and "Wedding favors". Â
  7. Â My party cups ordered off of ebay from seller factory_21. They were quick, detailed and very accomodating!
  8. Not to mention she was on top of our airline ticket situation before I had even heard of what was going on. She rocks!
  9. i confess that i have found out who my true friends are during this whole planning process. i might have to rethink some friendships when i get back from the wedding....
  10. I just picked my Maggie "Sabelle" up today after alterations. I get married 2 weeks from Saturday!!! So excited!!!
  11. Glad to hear that the Mexicana issue is getting handled!! We had a similar issue since Mexicana was the operator but our tickets were booked through American so they ended up handling the flight. Although my direct flight is no longer direct
  12. Jesmcan- I am so sorry to hear that! When we first got word about Mexicana we changed carriers because our tickets were booked through American with Mexicana operating the flight. The process was actually very seamless and we did not incur any additional charges as they were taken care of. Fingers crossed for you! Good luck!! Â
  13. I got my party mugs today and they are SO cute!!! We did black and hot pink and had the printing in white on both sides. Love them!!! I will post a pic when I get to my computer at home!!
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