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Here is what my sister came up with for oot bag..

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To be honest I don't know everything... :) My sister is so creative like that and so she wanted to take on this task! More power to her!


Here is what I believe is in them (geared more toward the females).


1. coconut lotion

2. berts bees foot cream

3. mini pumas stone

4. pink soap (colors are brown and pink)

5. a set of 2 sachets with a porcelin starfish tied to it (on sale at pier one this week)

6. We will add flip flop playing cards

7. imodium, bandaids, etc...

8. newsletter w/ welcome message

9. I think I will put my starfish wine topper favors in there (so guests don't leave behind at wedding)

10. a couple postcards

11. maybe some sun lotion or aloe



Still trying to finalize but I'm a total visual person so she had to mock one up for me to see if I like it! :) She even found pink and brown raffia at cost plus.

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