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July '08 NEWLYWEDS chat!

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Posted 24 June 2008 - 07:25 PM

Originally Posted by Just Martha
Thanks for that, Abbie.

I bought candles for everyone to put in the OOT bags, guess I won't worry about bringing them down
no, bring the candles! you can get matches at the hotel! that's what we always do. i ALWAYS bring a candle to mexico, the rooms are musty even when clean.
On a side note, Abbie, do you know off hand if tobacco (cigarettes) are allowed in checked bag? Actually, I could probably just Google that info. I hate that my brother smokes.
abbie, could you please start a thread, being our resident airline expert, so that girls from everywhere flying to all destinations will know about this?
a work in progress! i'm gathering info.
Originally Posted by katrina
i made a really ridiculous list of things i have to get done everyday.. i'll let you know if it works!
i would die without my lists and notebook! but its not oragnized by time sensitivity. great, another project!

#552 Helen_S81

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    Posted 24 June 2008 - 07:33 PM

    Originally Posted by Maura
    erica, i called AA and asked about my dress and they said i could have that be my personal item in addition to a carry on piece of luggage. however, i'm considering just putting my dress inside a carry on piece of luggage anyway because the hotel is going to steam out the wrinkles for me anyway. i know it will be safe and i wont worry if it's inside of a suitcase. i remember recently reading from someone else on here (i think it was helen s?) that on their flight to her daughter's wedding, she was not the only bride, and they did not have a closet for her to hang anything. some of the brides dresses had to go in the overhead bins, and luckily hers was in a suitcase so nothing happened to it. i'm really really considering doing this.

    I probably did mention all that. Honestly it was the easiest way to transport the dress. I saw brides trying to carry their dresses in big dress bags draped over one arm or even held up over their heads trying to keep it flat walking around the airport but as soon as we got on the plane, into the overhead bins they all went. This way I was free to walk around, go into stores, get a drink at the bar, and there was no way the groom, or anyone else could get a peak. I didn't even try and iron the dress. We hung it in our closet spread out as much as possible and it was fine.

    #553 Denise40

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      Posted 24 June 2008 - 07:39 PM

      We have had no problems packing cigarettes in checked luggage or carry on.

      #554 Rache1124

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        Posted 24 June 2008 - 07:43 PM

        Originally Posted by Maura
        i am leaving any minute to go meet jose to fill out our marriage application and pick up our paperwork for our officiant to sign - i am so nervous i could puke and all we're doing is picking up paperwork!!!!!

        if i am freaking this much today, how bad will i be freaking on the wedding day?!

        Maura - I am having the early stages of these exact feelings - we are going to get our marriage license tomorrow - and suddenly I can't calm down....its a combination of excitement, nerves and "holy crap - this is real" feelings!!!! And we are not going until tomorrow!!!!!!!

        Yikes. I'm glad to hear (despite crabby-b***y woman) that everything went well...I'm excited for you!!!! (and all of us July girls!!!!!)

        #555 katrina


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          Posted 24 June 2008 - 07:49 PM

          i can't wait for it to just be here already!

          here's my list:
          - buy announcements
          - buy spanx
          - buy brown eyeliner (i forgot this when i did my makeup trial)
          - print placecards and attach to starfish
          - need to try on my dress one more time
          - refill all prescriptions
          - figure out what i'm wearing for legal day
          - get mine and fi's linen pants hemmed
          - make copies of passports, etc
          - figure out what i'm putting the eco-fetti in and tag them
          - call bank and credit cards
          - get mail held
          - pay bills early so nothing comes up while we're away
          - figure out what to do with cats
          - get engagement ring cleaned and dipped
          - call airport about dress
          - get hair cut and colored
          - final hair trial

          ahhhhh- so much!

          #556 Martha

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            Posted 24 June 2008 - 09:33 PM

            I bet he will stop once you start talking about babies, Maura. He just needs to find another stress reliever. Which is easy for me to say since I don't smoke.

            Okay here is my long list of things to do:
            --Finish thesis (which has nothing to do with wedding but has to be done before we leave)
            --Find another necklace for ceremony
            --Blue panties
            --Print travel mug stickers (and hope they work)
            --Print and iron-on logos for OOT bags
            --Buy wedding band
            --Get Jay's suit hemmed
            --check prescriptions
            --Marriage license
            --Buy make-up
            --Make CDs
            --Start packing
            --Get dress altered (first appt is Thurs.)
            --buy a slip...dress is so see-through
            --Buy some more dresses and bathing suits
            --make copies of passports
            --Get traveler's checks
            --finish fans
            --finish ring bearer shell
            --fix hair flower...i need to ad a bobby pin to it
            -- finish newsletter
            --call to make arrangements to board Jack
            --Go to San Juan to get our rings blessed
            --print out guests travel info
            --get hair highlighted
            --mani and pedi
            -- buy more flowers for FG basket
            --find a poem for reading
            --find a sand ceremony script I actually like
            -- order more mini memory frames since someone stole mine from my doorstep that UPS left there

            I am sure there is more...I'll have to add to this as I think of more. I will use this as my official checklist.

            Ugh....first priority is thesis. I need to hire a graduate student to do my stats! blah!

            #557 manda0812

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              Posted 25 June 2008 - 07:18 AM

              [QUOTE=cmmdee;431133]^^ Manda... I am really sorry to hear about the venue issues but am glad you were able to negotiate something.

              Thanks - pretty much all sorted, but with two weeks to go they are not that attentive and I have to chase them up all the time. Like they told me they will sort out my cake and yet I had to keep asking them to tell me what they are actually going to do. We are having individual mousse in Martini Glasses. But I am refusing to stress about it all, as long as I look good then that's the main thing :)

              Originally Posted by Rache1124
              LOVE THE PICTURES!!!

              Manda - the dress thing - I just flat out started crying one day because I wasn't sure my dress was the right dress. My dear sweet hubby to be was so understanding- he asked me if I liked the dress when I first tried it on, of course I said yes, then he said it will be just perfect then, because to him, the dress won't matter at all, because he already knows exactly what I look like (on my best and worst days and that all it is is a dress! You'll wear if for a few hours, and then never again!!!

              I'm not sure if this helps, but really, I think if you liked it at one point, once you get the whole package together (hair, make-up, shoes, bra - this one can make a big difference you'll look perfect and beautiful and nothing else will matter.
              Thanks Rach, that made me feel heaps better and I am sure you are right, once it all comes together, it will be great and I will wonder what I was worrying about.

              I am not sure if they sell this in the States but we have this stuff from the Drugstore called rescue remedy, it is good for anxiety, it seems to relax you. you put a few drops on your tongue or in a glass of water. I took some before the bachellorette party as I was feeling a little nervous. Most of my friends who have been married swear by it. Not sure what is in it.

              oh we also own a shockproof waterproof Olympus camera and it is the best purchase ever!

              what's on for me now
              6 days left of work - thank god!
              flower girl presents
              baskets for flower girls for their rose petals
              can't seem to find the right underwear as it is a low back and dress is tight so it can't have lines so need to go searching for another option
              little notes on the bottles of bubbles for the ceremony
              and a few other things that will only matter to me so if they don't get done I will be the only one that knows and I have decided that champagne will cure all!

              I am sorry I don't get on here as often as I would like but I do like reading what you are all up to, it's fun and I wish we had some of the amazing stores you have there in Australia as you have so much choice.

              #558 Copita

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                Posted 25 June 2008 - 08:22 AM

                Katrina, you must reminded me I have to refill my birth control Rx!
                Just Martha, Victoria's Secret has their bridal line out now. I got gorgeous panties that say bride on them, and one that matches my dress with little blue bows on the back that I'm wearing on the Big Day. Hooray! :)

                OMGOSH ladies, I just had a "What the Heck?" moment.....I am getting married next weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                Just five more days left of work! Thank God!

                #559 Martha

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                  Posted 25 June 2008 - 11:16 AM

                  Your day will be here before you know it!!!! How exciting!!!
                  I need to check out VS! Thanks for the tip!

                  I am going to be a Mrs. in exactly ONE MONTH from today! It's crazy! I joined BDW when I was 15 months out and now the time is just about here.

                  #560 Rache1124

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                    Posted 25 June 2008 - 11:41 AM

                    Originally Posted by cmmdee
                    Katrina, you must reminded me I have to refill my birth control Rx!
                    Just Martha, Victoria's Secret has their bridal line out now. I got gorgeous panties that say bride on them, and one that matches my dress with little blue bows on the back that I'm wearing on the Big Day. Hooray! :)

                    OMGOSH ladies, I just had a "What the Heck?" moment.....I am getting married next weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                    Just five more days left of work! Thank God!

                    Victoria's Secret is also having a huge sale that just started...I found a TON of great lotions/lip gloss/etc. to fill my bridesmaids gift bags with. I was soooo excited! I also found a cute bridesmaid tank top on sale for 19.99!!! If you haven't purchased bridesmaids gifts - you should check it out! (There is a bunch of really nice stuff!!!! My favorite find was this tropical body butter - I loved it because it fit theme so well - "tropical" :)

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