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Newbie Here and In Need of HELP!


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Name: James

Wedding Date: August 1, 2008

Wedding Location: Honolulu, HI


Hi everyone! I stumbled upon this forum and I am definitely glad I did. I reside on the East Coast and am planning to have a wedding in Honolulu. As of now, I've secured a few essentials (location, hotel, photographer, makeup). Currently trying to lock in a florist. My biggest gaps right now revolve around finding a GREAT (not good, GREAT!) DJ, who can play everything (jazz, 80s, 90s, today) and can transition really well. I have found that music is so essential and can make or break the banquet (esp with the majority of people attending being youthful). Regardless, that is going to be a large hurdle that I will tackle. Suggestions are gladly welcome.


My more immediate need at this time is having some assistance with creating Boarding Pass Invitations. I did find a couple posts here and wanted to gain some more insight on the whole process because I LOVE the idea. I guess my questions revolve the type of paper to use, any templates to use, fonts, etc. I was also thinking of having the boarding pass holder look and feel similar to the real boarding pass holders that we get at the airline counters.


Thank you for ANY assistance you can provide!



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Congratulations & Welcome to the forum James.

You can definitely find lots of info here regarding boarding pass invites. Just go to the Search key & type in boarding pass invites & review the threads there. You'll find many examples, directions & templates from all of the lovely ladies here who have tackled this project.


You can also check out the Hawaii section of the forum. Someone may be able to help you out there with DJ recommendations!


Happy searching!

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Welcome! I know you will love this forum. It has been a huge help for me. As far as the boarding passes go, I found a ton of help on the "invite" forum on the site. There are some great suggestions from some of the posts and they send you directly to the site they used. I actually took down the link to the site and went to my local invite place. We were able to pick the paper, colors, etc... and she printed them out for me. It was really easy. Hope this helps.

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Originally Posted by flygirl View Post
Can't help with the DJ, but here's a template for the boarding pass
Thank you VERY much for the template! Would a place like Kinkos be able to cut these out once I've printed them? Or would I need to go to some other specialty venue?
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