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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Samantha S Congrats Laurine!!! Welcome back, your video is AWESOME and makes me SO EXCITED. Sorry you don't feel good. :-( To all the recent brides-- did they give (or offer to give) you a complimentary room for the groom the night before the wedding? (Kat- thanks for the day pass info! Are you saying on non-wedding days that people came in w/o passes?) Girls, I am back from my wedding two weeks ago. My wedding was spectacular. Claudia is the sweetes girl. One I learn how to post my video I will post it. The room for the groom, it is on the package. I personally did not ask for one. I book a regular room and they upgrade me to a honeymoon suite.
  2. You can take a CANCUN public bus that will take you to Walmart. The bus # 2says WALMART IN THE FRONT. You just ask at the hotel where the bus stop is. It is around the corner. The fare is about 6.50 mexican pesos. Quote: Originally Posted by PhillyBride09 Hey...Does anyone know how far the Walmart is from the resort, and how you get there? Can you hop in a cab or get a shuttle from the resort? I am thinking of seeing what the walmart out there has as far as my center pieces and if they don't have anything I like, I can always just use the one's dreams has. I am really dreading haing to drag a million bags down there. I'm already going to have alot with my OOT bags and it's contents. I know I am just being lazy, but what else is new!! LOL So if anyone knows how far it is, i would love some info!! :-) Thanks Girls!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by lilywu@ladhs.org I'm filling out some information for the wedding minister and I'm having a hard time answering them. One of the question is whether the bride will be escorted by father? Since my father passed away last year, the answer is obvious - no. But my question is who should walk me down the aisle? Of my side of the family who's attending is my old brother, a half older brother, my mom, my daughter (flower girl), my boys ages 2 and 9 who one will be ring bearer. The second question is who gives the bride away? Would this person be the one who walks me down the aisle?? I am having my son walk my down the aisle, and he and my mother will give me away. My father lives out the country so he will not be attending.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Angel So I have to give credit and thanks to Bianca for referring me to Tang's Alterations. She is amazing, she has done an awesome job so far. I bought my dress at Filene's at the Bridal run and it was so big on me. I also wanted to change up the style so it could be more fitted. I was afraid she couldn't do it but she pulled it off. She still has to take a couple more inches off the side and hem it. But I go next week for the 3rd. This is the 1st fitting This is the 2nd (this morning) You look so good in that dress. Great shape.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by animaldoc We are hiring a mariachi band for our reception and can't decide if they should play during the cocktail portion or dinner portion. Any suggestions? I am wondering if it would be too distracting or loud during dinner, but since there will be only 12 of us and no other music I thought it would add something. Any advice is appreciated, thank you! I am hiring a full mariachi band, I will have them play during the ceremony and continue at the cocktail hour.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Cattie So I've seen all these little adds for pills to take before, while, after drinking to prevent hang overs. Has anyone actually used these or know of one that actually works? I was thinking of getting some for my OOT bags since we have a few people who like to indulge (including myself, after the wedding!) Any feedback would be great! I am including Hangover Helper in my OOT bags. The spanish name is La Rapidita. These are very good for hangovers. I am originally from Dominican Republic and that is what everyone takes to prevent hangovers.
  7. I love your picture. It is very romantic.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by dmarie17 I only used her for 3 hours... I don't even think that she was there that long. I am truly amazed at the work that she did in such a short time. I sent the link to my mom and she was shocked. She was like, 'it didn't even look like she took that many pics'. Even my brother was impressed, said that it looked like we were sitting in front of a backdrop... Ohh I want you to see them now that I've talked them up so much!! Does this work: Flickr: Photos & Video from dawnandchriswedding When I click it says I don't have access to it. I really want to see Claudia's pictures, she is my photographer.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Kat81 Here are all the pictures I have right now.... We had a great time. I will write a review soon. I had a ton of bad stuff happen but whatever we made the best of it!!! Kat Messer's Photos - Our Wedding | Facebook Congratulations Kat. Your pictures are beautiful. I hope you post your pro pictures before I go for my wedding.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by maria3901 hello DC brides! my name is Maria and i will be married at Dreams April 26, 2009 on the beach! i cant wait!: Congratulations. My wedding is 23 days away. How exciting!!!
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