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  1. Thanks ladies! She is a really good baby and just trying to enjoy these first few months as time sure is flying! Apologize for the huge picture - clearly I'm out of practice !
  2. Hi ladies! This is my first post in a long long time and I guess I'm behind the eight ball because we welcomed our beautiful Ruby Hannah on January 26 of this year!
  3. Hi there! Â My husband and I used the ClearBlue Fertility Monitor ,,, the first two months we were TTC we didn't keep track but all the signs made me suspect that I was ovulating late.. so month three we tried the fertility monitor and i wasn't ovulating til day 18 (I actually had to buy two boxes b/c mine only came with 7 days...)... BUT IT WORKED! I am 17 weeks now and due beginning of Feb!
  4. Hi ladies! Just checking in with all my Paradisus Brides! I promise things will work out - even with the change in ownership.. and the ladies are right.. if your wedding is next month they have 10-15 weddings to worry about before yours... just keep telling yourself that! Hope everyone is doing well!
  5. Hi Ladies! I am an old bride on this forum (married at the Paradisus in Mayan on 200 but my hubby and I are heading to the Excellence next Friday for a week so I will be sure to report back on the hotel, facilities and any weddings that are taking place while we are there!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by ktchi I can't get a straight answer- so I thought I'd put it in here. We are having a legal ceremony in June and the only requirements I've been told we need are passports, birth certificates and the tourist card you get on the plane. I can't find out if we need our birth certificates translated or not or if there is anything else we need. Also has anyone heard from Cecilia? I have e-mailed her more than once over the last two months and haven't heard a word. I am getting nervous- my wedding is in 3 months and we haven't planned a thing with the resort. We did a legal ceremony and that's all we needed. In terms of birth certs, we needed what called the "long version" (not just your wallet card size) and I just applied to our Provincial Ministry of Health for those!
  7. Hi girls! Just checking in! We had the mariachi band (6 piece) and it was absolutely amazing! Probably one of the best parts of the reception - everyone kept raving about how wonderful they were. We used the one through the resort and yes it was about $1000 bucks...
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Malisa Was yours legal Missy? I've had the judge tell me differently. Maybe the judges in Cancun are different than the one's further down the coast. That's great to hear. Yup ours was legal! Our coordinator told us then judge that does the weddings for the Paradisus spoke English - I gather though that this isn't a common practice. We couldn't change what needed to be included - but were free to add as we wanted..
  9. Unfortunately many of the resorts/hotels have different practices which is frustrating in determining what's necessary. In terms of a translation - I did that with my marriage certificate and it was reallly straightforward. The Ministry of Transportation/and or City of Toronto has a list of "certified translators" that they gave me - It cost me $70 and they have a special seal that they put on it.
  10. I would have to disagree with Malisa - we had a legal ceremony in English. And while you can't remove parts - you can certainly add things in. We did our own vows and also a sand ceremony - in terms of structure, we did the vows and then sand ceremony and then the exchange of the rings - I'll see if i can dig it up!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by frannkie the one I want is 1480 + 200 (taxes) for 7 nights flying out from calgary. I think that is totally reasonable. Calgary prices are always a little bit more than toronto - I think if that's the one you want you should go for it.. further to my comment above - if people cannot afford 1680 they likely cannot afford something a few hundred buck less!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by FutureMrsRell No one is saying how long the stay is for Our guests are paying $1200pp AI for 4 nights Ours was for 7 nights - I would say most of the Canadian girls mean a week as that's how the majority of packages are...
  13. HI ladies! As a fellow Canadian who had a legal wedding in Mexico I will tell you that a) I had to get it translated from Spanish to English I brought back the Spanish certif - contacted a certified translator (I got this through the MInistry of Transportation) and paid $70 bucks c) I could not change anything (banking, drivers license, health card, passport etc) without both the Spanish and English versions
  14. We didn't even include an RSVP card. We included hotel information, TA information, and information for our Wedsite asking guests to RSVP
  15. I would agree with the other ladies - We really looked at the potential guest list and the financial situations (Generally speaking) in deciding. I think no matter what price point you are at - there will be people who won't go because of the cost. I feel as though someone who can pay $1500 can likely pay $1700 - provided they are given notice far enough in advance - ours was about $1700 out of Toronto and $1850 out of Calgary (taxes included) for the week .. we had 60 ppl.
  16. In terms of number of wedding per day - we were the only one on our day but I think a lot of it depends on how big your group is as well. We used Swank and were extremely happy - to be honest - i didn't even look at the song list - I just sent him our "must play songs" In terms of a rehearsal dinner, we had the separate area of the buffet just for us and Perla set it up with all our welcome bags etc. It was awesome!
  17. Sure thing! If it helps - here is the final email I sent to Perla (it's 15 pages) and I gave my girlfriend the same one! FINAL EMAIL TO PERLA.doc
  18. Sure! Like some of the other girls, I had chosen a lot of custom things (chairs, linens etc.) so my friend had a list of things such as: linen colours sashes for ceremony chairs fans to be placed on chairs music - a list of what songs were when and who had the music what was supposed to be on the table and what it looked like (centre pieces, place cards etc) what the set-up was supposed to be for the reception (i.e. number of tables, how many at each, highchairs where) the menu (I asked her to make sure with the lead server b/c we had someone with severe allergies) play/do not play lists (ensuring that these were with the dj) ensuring the DJ had the music for our first dance, mother son/father daughter ensuring that the podium and mike were set up ensuring the decor was as requested (i had some fabrics etc. draping) I also briefed her on all the appetizers etc. that we had ordered so when FI were off doing our photos she could manage that aspect.
  19. Hi ladies! I know I am not around much these days ... I would echo FeatherChicks' suggestion that you appoint someone to oversee your day.. I asked my closest girlfriend (who also came with me to the pre-wedding meeting with Perla and FI) and I had given her a binder of info as to how everything was supposed to run.. there were some screw-ups but she was able to fix most of it before I even knew about it! Hope everyone is well!
  20. I know that with our package a gratuity was included for all service staff - we gave Perla a little something extra but I believe 15-20% was factored into the cost pp for tips.
  21. Here's mine: Something old - my grandma's locket that I tied into my bouquet Something new - my wedding dress Something borrowed - jewellery from my BF Somethign blue - underwear
  22. No problem! In terms of witnesses - here is what I pulled from Loomis travel! Required Documents for Witnesses – Civil Ceremony Legal ceremonies require the bride and groom to have 4 witnesses. It is not required for symbolic/religious ceremonies. If the couple provides their own witnesses the following information is needed. A completed Civil Ceremony Form (available through your wedding coordinator) indicating witnesses name, age, nationality, home address and occupation. Valid passport or driver’s license. Tourist Card. Witnesses must arrive to the hotel 3 business days prior to the legal wedding ceremony date in order to complete the document process. Witnesses must be at least 18 years of age at the time of the ceremony. Witnesses can be provided by the resort if the bride and groom choose at a charge of $20 per witness payable to the hotel directly in cash.
  23. Hi ladies! Just checking in on my Paradisus brides as I get close to my 1 year anniversary! We flew our photogs in and because they were "paying guests" at the hotel - we didn't have to waive the fee. I don't think there is a minimum number of nights or anything.. I think one is probably sufficient. In terms of the ceremony - we did the legal ceremony and included our own vows and a sand ceremony. I had written everything up ahead of time for both of those and given them to Perla. The ceremony is pretty standard - the judge does some welcoming remarks, the legal stuff, asks both of us questions for the "I Do" - then we did exchange of vows and rings, then the sand ceremony, then the pronouncement. Does that help?
  24. We have pet insurance through PC Financial which is actually run by Securican. It's about 37 bucks a month and for us totally worth it. Last year our pup was punctured with a stick while playing in the forest and the cost was $700 - pet insurance covered everything except our annual $100 deductible.
  25. These are great ideas! I also took advantage of the free lawn sign but not for me - for my sisters bridal shower - I uploaded my own graphic (same as the invites) and "Jessica's Bridal Shower" was stuck in my front lawn for all the guests to see! It was a big hit!
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