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  1. Thank you so much for this! I love the pictures. I will certainly pass this on.
  2. My girlfriend is looking for a very small vineyard for about 20 people for a very small ceremony. They do not need a ton of rentals, flowers etc. but would like to do a small "vowel renewal" type ceremony followed by a small dinner. We are not sure where to start. Help!
  3. lizcolgin

    Dreams Cabo Brides

    Esperanza was fantastic! I am going through withdraws from both locations, Dreams and Esperanza. I think we planned that honeymoon perfectly! We had 7 days at Dreams, including our wedding day, and 4 days at Esperanza. The price of Esperanza is about double what you pay at Dreams but you definitely get what you pay for. I highly suggest you at least plan a dinner when you girls get there. The view is like nothing you have every seen and it is a 2 mile cab ride down the street from Dreams. We are already planning our trip next year to inlcude both locations. I'll be working on my review this week! Kelley
  4. lizcolgin

    Dreams Cabo Brides

    Hey girls! We were just married at Dreams on Friday, the 17th, and it was unbelievable. We are actually at Esperanza now and heading back today. I am so sad. I will be working on my review when I get home but I feel like I should get back to the many that have questions on the swimming. You can't swim at the beach at Dreams but once you actually see it you will realize quickly that the tide is WAY to big to even think of getting in the water. The good news about the tide is that it makes for a beautiful walk on the beach. We walked to the Hilton daily and it is really a short walk. It took about 15 to 20 minutes. When you get there, it is almost like a lagoon. The water is calm and beautiful. Don't let the fact that you can't swim in the beach deter your thoughts from Dreams. I can't say enough how fantastic everything is. I am REALLY picky. All 40 of our guests were overly impressed. You will see my review soon. I am more than happy to answer any other questions! Kelley
  5. Thank you Coleen for your comforting words. I figure whatever happens, happens. We are just looking forward to a great time with our friends, family, and with eachother. We can't wait!! Kelley
  6. Kelly, Thanks for getting back to me and I hope you have a great time in Cabo! I think it's funny that you are Kelly C. I am Kelley C. for the next 2 weeks! Looks like the weather is looking great.
  7. Coleen, thank you for calming me down. I am leaving on Tuesday to get there for our wedding on Friday, the 17th. I have been paying attention to Welcome to Weather Underground : Weather Underground and I think things look good. Please keep us updated as to what is going on. Thank you! Kelley
  8. I appreciate it. I have shipped some to my mother, aunt, and everyone down the family tree. I am looking at trying to get 30 bags down there. Yikes. It should be fine. Thanks for your help!
  9. I need your help! I don't have too many things but I am nervous they will get taken in customs upon our arrival. Should I just put everything in a bag and try to explain that it is my wedding? I was told not to ship by my WC and it's too soon for that. Should I break it up among my family or just try to get it over myself?
  10. OK, I have to be honest...when I first read that your mom was wearing white I thought it was truly no big deal. I have to admit, I had a shower a few months ago and my stepmother wore white. Guess who got most of the wrath of the crowd that was at the shower...ME! Here's the thing, if she wears white, you will have a ton of people coming up to you going "OMG I can't believe she is wearing white" and you will have to deal with it all night long. Is it really worth the stress of the evening? Just a thought. You may want to address it now rather than have to deal with a ton of people trying to say something about it. Hope this helps.
  11. Girls, I know this may sound wacky, but one of my very good girlfriends gave me this idea as part of my FI's wedding gift. She made him a small back that had her note for the wedding day, as well as some "love coupons" for the honeymoon. THey were really cute and thoughtfull. I think with the lack of funds remaining and such a short time before our big day I might have to steal her idea.
  12. Try checking out the thread for trading, selling, and giveaways. There are a few gals who are selling the books that they didn't use at their event. There is a ton of stuff on that forum. Hope that helps!
  13. lizcolgin

    Seating at Reception help!

    Thank you everyone for these great ideas! I think I may combine many of these ideas into one. I am thinking a few tables of 12 and doing some sort of simple idea to get people to their tables. I love the umbrellas too! Thank you everyone for helping me with this. I love this site.
  14. lizcolgin

    Seating at Reception help!

    That is pretty funny!
  15. Yari, Do you remember where they ordered these from? I love the idea and I think I have enough time to pull this off!