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Thinking of renting linens and bringing with me...

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has anyone done this?


i did some searching and haven't really found anything except all the Cabo girls who rented on site or through their WC.


our location is so remote and they offer absolutely no upgrade options. they ONLY have white linens, which i am ok with, except theirs do not even sweep the floor - they really more like overlays.


i don't want to get crazy with $$$ for the tables but i want everything to come together and look finished, polished and classy.


i looked online at a couple of linen rental places but i guess i don't really know where to start and was hoping for some advice / guidance!



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Originally Posted by carly View Post
Alyssa - how many tables will you need? Sometimes it is easier/cheaper to buy the fabric and make your own. Tableclothes shuold be easy, if the table are square or rectangular....
we will have 6 tables that are 60" round - so they will need 120" linens if we want them to reach the floor.

then we will have 1 table for the 2 of us and i am not sure what size that one is.

also - we will have 3 rectangular tables for the rehearsal dinner and i am waiting on the measurements for those.

PS Carly - i don't even know how to sew!!
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Originally Posted by Minx1969 View Post
hi Alyssa - I'm getting married in 4 weeks in Cabo and I'm bringing my linens with me. I didn't like the whites so I picked some fabulous colors.
Minx1969 - cute name haha! where did you get your linens from? are you also bringing your own napkins?
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