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Im totally not a DIY Bride...at all! But im in love with the boarding pass invites, our std's were formal and I want to do something fun. Anyway, i dont have the creativity to make them and the one company I was looking at seems to be full for new designs at this point....im not sure what to do.


Any brides willing to do mine...lol

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I just did my boarding pass STD through hitchedinvites.com. They will design them for you for $50-$100 if you want to print them yourself (I just had her print them for me) Look at the ones that she made me under Drapala/Miles on their website or here if you search "Boarding Pass STDs final proof'... sorry haven't figured out the linking thing yet!

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Depends... what are you willing to pay?!! wink.gif


In all honesty, invitations are incredibly time consuming. It may be difficult to find a bride, who is busy with her own wedding, that is willing to make yours for you. Anny (anacgarcia) has created her own business and could make them for you. I'm not sure what her pricing is, but you could PM her... her work is fantastic.

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Originally Posted by AmyInMI View Post
aylee designs makes them as well! I am glad I made mine but am not up to making them for someone else, sorry! I have enough wedding things to do of my own.
everyone is so busy, I wasnt expecting any volunteers:) I give you credit for making your own!smile159.gif
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