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Eyelash Extensions *post ALL info here*


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Ok I'm thinking about wearing some for the wedding. I know I can't afford to have the lash extensions although I would love to! I guess this is my second best alternative because hey! I can afford it.


Anyone have eyelashes they recommend? I have only worn fake lashes for Halloween or maybe prom back in the day. They were definitely the cheap ones. I would like something a little more natural looking.

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I got Mac eyelashes for my BD pics, but for my wedding, I got Dior mascara from Sephora (the waterproof kind)

Sephora: Christian Dior: DiorShow Mascara at Sephora.com: Mascara

I loved it, it still felt natural and I even had people ask me if I was wearing fake lashes.

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Originally Posted by JUSTUSTWO View Post
I see them doing it all the time. I think they charge like $25 bucks for a full set but you can also get them done individually.
Its my understanding that they are individuals. So of the girls at my job get them and they look great. i will probably get them too.
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I plan on buying MAC eyelashes for myself and my BMs and having the salon apply them for us. My really good friend works for MAC and she recomended #7 and #4. Eyelash #7 is a little bit more dramatic (they look really long in the packaging), so that's what I'm going to get for myself. And the #4 is what I'm going to get for the BMs. MAC eyelashes are $11. The salon we are using for our hair and makeup is charging $50 for them!

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