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OOT... What did your guests really use?

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I know we have a ton of OOT threads out there... and as I read through them my list of ideas for OOT stuffers grows and grows. To keep the bags a bit more budget friendly I am trying to narrow down the list of contents I want to include to things that are fun for my guests but also something they are actually going to use.


I know things like Travel Mugs (for AI), packets of ibuprofen/pepto and chapstick will be used by most guests. However, I am wondering whether things like playing cards, travel candles, hand soap, or puzzle books will be actually used. Then things like sunscreen and flip-flops I could see being good additions if I decide to distribute the bag ahead of time... but if I wait until we get there, won't most people already have packed those items on their own?


So I guess what I'm asking is... for those of you have recieved an OOT bag or already given them to your guests... What items were popular and used with your guests? What items do you wish you hadn't bought?

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good post. I think lotion or after sun lotion is a good thing to give people. It seems like people never think to pack it & then they spend all that time in the sun & their skin is dry.


Someone has said they wish they got underwater cameras. But, not every guest would use them. I'm thinking about getting a few & then if anyone is going snorkeling I'll give them one. Maybe we can share a few & I'll get them all developed.


I think cups/ travel mugs will definitly come in handy.


OK, I'll let the brides with experience answer now.

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My cups of course were the most used item, my actual oot bag was used by everyone, it was a mesh beach bag. We also could spot the bag on the lounge chairs and we would know that it was someone from our group. Some did play cards, and the first aid kit came in handy. I did lotion and bath salts and I don't think it was a must. We also had stick it's and a pen and they were well used everyone left little note's on everyone's door, like at the beach, or gone to lunch, it allowed us to track each other down since our resort was quite large. Hope this helps. Oh yeah lot's of people used the fragrant travel candle in their room so I would say this was a good item.

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this is a good thread! i have been to a number of DW and received a handful of OOT bags - my votes are for:


mugs/cups (only if AI)




lotion or aftersun lotion




crossword puzzles or suduko


travel games or playing cards


something specific to place/coutry (like map or info book or language)


candy / mints / gum


bath salts or bath petals (most people forget to bring stuff they can soak in the tub with)


nail polish remover pads / all in one base/top coat / light color nail polish (for the girls!)


condoms (for single guys)


something personalized

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I am actually creating a puzzle book for my guests...though, more for the plan ride than by the pool. (maybe) I am going to do a crossword puzzles that incorporates clues from all my guests lives. (That way, people have to talk to one another.) As well as word searches with spanish words. (With english meaning beside them.) A crypogram that is a thank you letter from my FI and myself....

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If you get a good deal on sunscreen, get it. Most of my guests did bring their own- but didn't bring enough and were really happy they got some from me. After the sunscreen, I would say the chapstick, first aid kit and snacks were the most appreciated gifts. Oh, and the OOT bag itself- I still see people use mine :)

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Stormsong, I really like your idea of making a puzzle book! Thats really neat!


Now will someone please tell me to stop buying crap for my OOT bagshuh.gifsmile105.gif


I got one of my bags from LLBean back (I am getting them monogramed) and it was bigger than I expected!! http://cdn.llbean.com/products/trave...t_Sea_Aqua.jpg

So now I feel like a loser giving big bags with hardly anything. Someone please tell me to stop!

So this is what I have already:


Burt Bee's Outdoor Survival kit Click the image to open in full size.

First Aide supplies Minimus - For All Your Travel Size Item Needs

Mesquito Repellent Wipes by L'occtaine en Provence

Atomic Travel Clock

Pen and Notepad

Mini Lip Balma and Mini Sunscreen


Soduku Puzzle book

Playing Cards

Sandlewood Fan

And a few snacks...

Is that really enough?

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I second the post-its and pen suggestion, along with a list of room numbers and who is in which room so everyone can find each other (if needed). I also included packages of tissue so everyone would have some for the wedding...but everyone forgot them!!!! smile35.gif


*sigh* Can't say I didn't try.

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