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  1. Hi everyone. I know i haven't been around for a long time. Since we called off the wedding...just been trying to get a new grasp on life. Anyways, I am going to Jamaica for a vacation. Actually, going to the Sandals resort in Ochus Rios. I was wondering if anyone has been there recently? I was asked if i wanted the villa room or a resort room. I was thinking villa would be nice. But my TA said they were getting run down. Anyone have any tips? What currency do i take? Do i exchange it there? Do i bring gifts for the resort staff? Things like that! Any info would be awesome! (And..yes....i am bringing a new guy...<winks>) Stormsong
  2. Thanks Morgan. I missed talking to you too! And, congrats on your wedding. I loved the video. Made me cry!!! You look so beautiful! And, i love your photos!! (I think the one in your siggy is hot. The one with you 2 straddled each other. Wow!) Love you guys!!
  3. My ex was surprised....he didn't see it coming. He was...abusive. Just took me a while to see it. He was angry ALL the time at everything. And took it out on me. I didn't clean enough, cook enough, the cats shed too much...everything was my fault. I just....realized i didn't want to spend my life like that. You know? I still wonder if i made a mistake....but...i don't think i did. I wasn't happy for a while...just...had a hard time admitting it to myself. <shrugs> I still miss it though...the wedding planning. Anyone need any help? lol.
  4. Hi All. Stormsong here...sorry i have been so quiet for so long. I have been having some personal troubles and whatnot. As of a couple of weeks ago, I called off the wedding and my fiancee and I broke up. It was hard...but i think necessary. Now i have to move...stuff like that. I may have a BUNCH of OOT stuff that i probably should sell...as well as Angels Flowers that i will be receiving that i no longer will need. (I am still a bit in denial and/or shock.) Anyways, i will post when i start thinking seriously about it. See if anyone is interested. I just wanted my friends on here who may have wondered where i disappeared to...to know what was going on. So...i am thinking i should go to Mexico in December when i was suppose to go to Cuba...whatcha think?
  5. Hey all!!! Well, I got CHOCOLATE today in the mail!!!!! Thank you Barefoot Bride!! It is YUMMY! I tied into it right away....just to see how good it was! and, i love the packaging...all japanese writing on it and everything!!! And, dark chocolate is my fave! I just hope i don't get addicted to it...else i will be having you send me chocolate ALL the time! lol.
  6. Will do! And i will post pictures!!!!
  7. sighs...not yet. My secret bunny...ie..barefoot bride...has been in touch with me several times already. So, hopefully soon! I am patient. Darn postal service! <laughs> She let me know what she sent though. Maybe it will be here in time for my birthday!! (April 9)
  8. great thread. I haven't even considered this yet!!! I am definetly bookmarking! lol
  9. Hi all. I found this awesome website for beach attire. They will even custom make you colored dressed and shirts to match. I think i may be getting my FI his wedding outfit here...and am contemplating getting my BM dresses here....not sure. (I am waffling on what they will be wearing....)Beach Wedding Attire: Drawstring Linen Pants, Cotton & Linen Shirts, Shorts - Island Importer
  10. Besides....all the people who are naked at that resort AREN'T the type you WANT to see naked!
  11. I just had a picture of a first aid bunny nurse on my kits...no wording. Morgan just had a picture of a first aid kit going "ouch" so, no help there....you can find pics of my first aid kits in my blog, if you need to see.
  12. Hi there Its good to see another Cuba bride! I am getting married at the Sandals Hicacos in Cuba in Dec 2008... I heard Paradisus are beautiful, but pricey!
  13. good info! Thanks! I will make this personalized for me!
  14. ok, wait....i have never HEARD of eco friendly sunscreen!!!! They make such things! eeks...i plan on doing lots of snorkelling and whatnot...i have to find some and buy it! (might be an online thing...haven't seen such a beast in the stores.)
  15. i found a few sites to make these...hope it helps...BFS2 WEDDINGBELLS Message Board Community: DIY Barefoot Sandals i also have TONS of pictures of inspirations...i can send them to you if you want. (I plan on making some too...and depending on time/cost...some for my OOT bags.) Ok, heres a question...how many do you wear? I've worn them and only used one...having it on one foot only. Kinda of like jewelry...not sandals.
  16. oh my Drea....i LOVE your new sig pic!!! That is beautiful!!!!
  17. Everyone is so cute! Great gifts everyone!!!
  18. And HOW did you make your pictures with rounded corners? lol. You might have to start a thread tutorial on how you did that!
  19. Your VERY welcome!!! Ohhh!! Abbie I am SOOOO glad you got it in time!!! <laughs> Yes, the necklace is jade....its actually called chainmail.....i didn't have any blue stones to put into it, so used jade instead. (Yes...i actually made that too! or....weaved it, to be more correct. lol) The pink sugar scent....well...thats my secret! lol. Just hope you like it.
  20. it was never offered to us in our package. Maybe we didn't have enough people coming?? Who knows. (We only have 16 people confirmed....) But yah...we really weren't offered many incentives like free flights or stuff.
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