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I HATE FI's family right now!


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I cannot stand them! His parents are ok, but the rest of them SUCK!!!!!


Apparently, none of them are coming to the wedding. And of course, they are turning it all around on me. It's my fault because I wanted a destination wedding. It's too expensive. It's too close to his brother's wedding, blah, blah, blah.


First of all flying from his hometown is the cheapest package we have to offer! My family is paying over $100 more, and yet they can still make it! When we told everyone to budget $2000 and they said, save me a seat, we wouldn't miss it, I was stupid enought to take them at their work and make the f-ing reservation! Now, it is only $1400 and will send each and everyone of them into bankruptcy if they come.


His brother's FI decided she wanted to get married Memorial Day weekend, even though we were engaged 4 months before them, and had said we would get married in June. But because my wedding is the second one, I'm intruding on their plans!


But, the worst part is, they didn't want to tell us no. So they didn't. Afriad it would hurt our feelings. Um, you can't really surprise anyone at a DW. We kind of know who will be there. So instead, we paid the deposits,etc for our non-existant guests--to the tune of about $4000. Really glad they didn't want to hurt our feelings. They are fine with hurting our wallet instead.


I know and I knew going into this not everyone would come. It just sucks that they said yes, then backed out. Our wedding is 4 months away and we have to have everything paid by May 1!


I feel the most upset that FI is really disappointed and hurt. That's what makes me want to walk up to all of them and smack them! And I kind of yelled at him and told him his family sucked, so now I feel even worse! I've been crying all day! I feel totally defeated and just done with the wedding. I don't care anymore, I just want it to be over! I feel like I have worked so hard and bent over backwards for them for NOTHING! (I'm waiting for, "well we couldn't buy you a gift because your wedding was so close to FBIL.")


Even BDW couldn't cheer me up! Hopefully I'll feel better now that it is off my chest! Sorry I wrote a novel!

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Ick. I mean, we all have issues with people not coming who say they will... but when you PAY a deposit for them, that's different. Man, this SUCKS! Completely.

I would recommend the smacking method. Why do people not understand that although it's not in our home town a destination wedding is still a wedding and requires just as much, if not more, planning! Honestly! It's not free for us either people!!!

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that BLOWS.... you know.. i just so happen to know some people who know some people who make accidents happen... if you catch my drift.. WINK WINK... you guys can collect on the insurance money and with that pay for everyone else who you care about to join you for free at your wedding... problem solved :)


oh if only things were that simple huhhuh.gif

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That really sucks- especially when it's FAMILY. But as we have all learned during this DW process, sometimes family isn't any better than the other pathetic assholes out there.


Have you reminded them that they still owe a deposit unless someone else decides to go in their place? I would make it VERY clear that you are not shelling out that kind of money as a gift to their lazy, inconsiderate ways.

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