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Newbie & already confused :(

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Joanna baby, this is the best way to go! I registered with Destination Wedding.com and my trael agent is doing everything. It's so stress free it's crazy. Any questions or concerns I just call or email my planner and she finds everything for me. I'm also on a budget and in total just for the wedding we are spending $4,500 plus our stay for 2 weeks is an extra but we didn't go over our bugdet. It's the best.


Happing Planning


Love you








Originally Posted by JoannaR View Post
Hello everyone...


I have been skimming through the threads and its so wonderful to see I am not the only one completely stressed & confused. I am looking to get married in Cabo hopefully by late 2009 (depending on pricing)


I hope to get to know alot of you that are in my same boat.


My name is Joanna & my fiance's name is Orlando

we have been together for 4 years and cant wait to be married and start a family.


With that in mind I dont want to spend a fortune on a wedding which is why I am leaning alot more towards destination.


Thanks for listening :)



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Welcome to the forum! I was in the same boat, and within a few weeks of joining I had my place, date and time picked. This forum is awesome, and if you need any info let me know, I honestly feel like I contacted every single resort in the mayan riviera and los cabos before finally deciding on Dreams :)

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