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By niknic456, · 1 Comment

Pros: Professional, On-time, Variety of Music Selections
Cons: NONE
My wedding was April 26, 2014 at Now Sapphire and all I can say is Disco Movil is hands down the best and the most affordable. I have not 1 complaint and my guest can't stop raving over how much fun they had at our wedding reception. My wedding ceremony was awful, but thanks to Disco Movil they made me and my guest forget about it all the bad and had us dancing the night away to a variety of hip-hop and r&b music. We even heard other guests around the hotel saying we had the best wedding reception music ever and I totally agree. Don't think twice about booking them, its so worth every penny.

By dtreinkopf, · 1 Comment

Pros: Super Responsive
We used Ricardo for our welcome reception and wedding in April 2014 in Playa Del Carmen.  From the moment we first emailed him, he was super responsive and professional.  He would literally respond to emails within minutes, while many of our other vendors took days to respond if they responded at all.  He was able to edit songs to our liking, used all the songs we asked him to play, and most of all, he kept the party going until 4AM.  He did a great job.  I would recommend him to anyone getting married in Cancun / Playa / surrounding area.

By van83, · 0 Comments

Pros: Emailed back right away, played the music we requested
Cons: None!
Ricardo was such a great DJ! We got married on March 22nd. I sent him a list of songs we wanted played during the cocktail hour, dinner and dancing and he played all the songs we asked him to play. Whenever I sent him an email he responded right away and was so helpful. Everyone at our wedding loved the music and danced all night long. We had him play music from 5:30-11:30pm. I would definitely recommend DJ Disco Movil!!

By alenatlopoman, · 0 Comments

Pros: Very Responsive via email Good English Respectful of your tastes and preferences Easy to work with Generally improvised well
Cons: Very little to complain about really Website is a little clunky but a good resource in the end
Ricardo was an excellent DJ.   We threw him a lot of curveballs; last-minute emails, a request to play MC and introduce speakers, we asked him to be in charge of the processional music and provide speakers and mics, we asked him to play a wide variety of music from classic jazz standards to remixes of songs he didn't have (dropbox!).  His website was not the most user-friendly, requiring multiple log-in attempts to update your "must play", "play if possible" and "do not play" playlists.  However, it was nice to have a website with this feature so he could get a sense of the party we wanted to throw.  He played most of the things we asked him to, generally took liberties in the right direction, accepted good requests and looked to us in the crowd for a sanctioning nod whenever he had his doubts.  He strangely played a song from Gladiator as our guests were taking their seats, which was not exactly what we were going for, though it did make for for an epic start.   Pros: Very Responsive via email Good English Respectful of your tastes and preferences Easy to work with Generally improvised well   Cons: Very little to complain about really Website is a little clunky but a good resource in the end  

By karina38, · 0 Comments

Pros: Un excelente servicio, personal profesional, súper agradables y flexibles a tus necesidades.
Cons: Ninguno
Highly recommended Discomóvil booking for your wedding. Excellent service, professional, super nice and flexible to your needs. It was super easy to choose between Discomóvil and other DJs in the Cancun region and making us feel that our event was super important and we found the prices reasonable. . Others DJs were delayed in responding to the initial mailing. That was not the case with Don Ricardo. Each email we send you and we sent many will we answer them within 10-15 minutes. 's music: the music mix was great. I will provide a list of songs to get an idea of our style and was given did the rest. There was music for all tastes, which allowed all the guests danced all night. The staff made ​​us please stop setting items during the reception. The weather forecast said there was a chance of rain during the hours of the beach party. Don Ricardo respect the fact that we wanted to have the reception on the beach and mount on the beach. Ended up being a beautiful night. Half an hour before ending our event began to rain. Don Ricardo kept playing. That is called professionalism. He was prepared with everything necessary to ensure that the party continue. Everything was a success. Discomóvil was much of the reason that we could have a "Wedding-No-Stress". Thanks again Don Ricardo.

By December172013, · 0 Comments

Pros: Everything
Cons: Nothing
My one and only wish for my wedding reception was that people had a good time! Thanks to Disco Movil, people had the best time! I had many guests say this was the best wedding reception they had attended and one of the best parties of their life! I am not a dancer myself and I am illiterate when it comes to music so I had asked Disco Movil to just read the crowd and play music accordingly. I have to say Disco Movil had an excellent selection of music and I knew every song! My husband and I decided to incorporate everyone in our first dance by doing a Harlem Shake and Disco Movil executed it perfectly!! We had some last minute requests and different ideas (such as a piñata, bride groom games, and projector screen) that Ricardo was happily able to add to his DJ service. The light up dance floor was a hit and still talked about! One of my favourite things about Disco Movil beside their ability to create a phenomenal party was their professionalism. They email you back within minutes and send reminders instead of leaving you guessing. I would recommend everyone to stop searching for DJ's in the Maya Riviera and hire Disco Movil!!!
Cons: NOTHING!!!
We got married at El Taj in early December and had Disco Movil as our DJ. Ricardo and the crew at Disco Movil were absolutely incredible! From the very beginning, they were so responsive and easy to work with. They were extremely professional and I never worried for one second that everything would be perfect. They did an amazing job at the reception! Our guests were up dancing before dinner was even over!! They played all the music that we wanted and more. Every great dance song was played and the crowd was constantly dancing. Our guests are still talking about the great dance party we had at our wedding. I can't recommend these guys enough. We were so happy with them and are so thankful for everything they did to make our wedding amazing. Thank you!!

By anthciancio, · 0 Comments

Pros: Price, Music Knowledge, Fun
We had our wedding a few weeks ago, December 13, 2013 at Playacar Palace. Ricardo and his crew from Disco Movil were amazing. It was easy to add songs to his database ahead of time and he played great songs and added plenty of his own based off of what we liked. We also had rain after our dinner portion and he was very good about packing up all equipment and relocating inside and kept the party going all night. Just as he was about to pack up as it was time to finish, I asked for one more song and what he played turned out to be the perfect song and everyone went crazy. "One More Time" - Daft Punk. If you have a crew that likes to dance and have fun, this is definitely your guy.

By Atthebeach, · 0 Comments

Pros: professional, prompt communication
We booked Disco Movil for our wedding at the Barcelo Palace based on the amount of positive reviews and price for services. Communications were always prompt, and clear. We paid for everything using Paypal once when we booked and paid the deposit three months in advance and then a few weeks before the wedding for the remainder.It's nice we didnt have to worry about cash for payment.   Just for a tip after the fact. We paid for 4 hours of music, the light up dance floor (which is totally worth it!!), cold fireworks, and a generator. I researched many local DJ's and must say that the prices with Disco Moviil are great for what you get. The day of the wedding they showed up on time and were very professional with my Husband and I. The set up was nice as well. We provided a list of "must play" songs and a list of "Do not play" All song selections were great in between our recommendations and the guests thoroughly enjoyed the music.   I found it blended well with our musical tastes. During the middle of the night, they handed out party supplies like blow up guitars, sombreros and assorted hats and funny glasses to liven up the party -- not that it needed it -- the DJ had everyone dancing up on the dance floor..even my 80 y.o. grandmother. :o)This extras were well received and totally a nice surprise!! We got a lot of hilarious keepsake photos with everyone dressed up in funny hats and glasses.   The only 2 hitches of the night: We arranged by email and in person the day of, a kissing game that we wanted the DJ to explain to our guests. The premise was: In a group of 2 or 3 get up to the dance floor and dance to a song of the DJs choice for 20 seconds and then the bride and groom will come up on the dance floor and kiss. Well, the instructions weren't clear to our guests and we had our guests coming up and just dancing to the background music played during dinner. Oh well, it worked anyway.   The other hitch was our last song: we had one planned in advance and were expecting Auld Lang Syne. When the DJ announced last song, he played, "fat Bottom Girls" by Queen. LOL!!! I was mortified but our guests couldn't stop laughing about this. Needless to say we scurried over to the DJ and he actually found a nice version of Auld Lang Syne to play for us after! Overall, despite the minor hiccups we were more than pleased with Disco Movil and would recommend them without any hesitation!

By yc414, · 0 Comments

Pros: Amazing music and professional
Cons: Send a list, not a con but definetly have an idea, he works out the rest!
We used Disco Movil for our wedding on October 05, 2013 at the Barcelo Maya Palace Resort in Puerto Aventuras at the Palameras grill. It was a dream come true.   A DJ was a very important factor for me during my wedding planning. My resort offered DJ services but when I put the prices side by side it was a no brainer to go with an outside DJ. I did a lot of research and based on all the amazing reviews I decided to book with Disco Movil. I booked them about 5 months before my wedding date.  My final payment was made about 2 weeks before the event. There are a couple of options for payment, I decided to go with paypal. It was a smooth transaction.   The services provided was DJ, screen projector, generator, and light up dance floor. As far as the DJ, Ricardo did an amazing job. I actully waited until the day of to finalize all the music that I wanted. ( I do not recommend this lol) it was my own indecisiveness. He was very gracious though and understanding. The video was 30 minutes long and I did not have time to finalize on imovie so I could not put it on usb or cd, so he connected it with my macbook (my own procrastination). As the video started playing the music on my video somehow over lapped because it was not finalized on imovie, so my maid of honor quickly ran over to him to request songs to play originally intented for the video, and he quickly resolved the issue, as well as putting the video on repeat during dinner. Music was very important to me so it took me a while to finalize my play list as noted above. I seperated my list of songs for dinner, and dance, by song title and artist. You also should somehow highlight the ones that MUST be played. He also plays songs that are not on the list. In my expierience he added to the party! The songs he chose to play as extra, were ones I forgot to put on the list, I felt like he read my mind. My husband is Turkish and in my list I sent him a few Turkish songs with the artists.  I was scared he wouldnt be able to find them, but he played them with no issue at all! I would without a doubt recommend to any bride and groom thinking about getting a light up dance floor to stop thinking and just do it. I added it last minute maybe a month before. It was so much fun and our pictures during the dance reception were amazing.  I 100% recommend Disco Movil! Great team, fun and professional, definitely added to a magical night.       photos by Blue Lens Caribe (also amazing team)
Alicia Lynn

By Alicia Lynn, · 0 Comments

Pros: Extremely quick to respond to emails, great variety of songs, kept the group dancing
Cons: No cons!
ARicardo always got back to me so quick I was quite impressed. He was the greatest outside vendor we worked with for our destination wedding. We got married at the grand palladium white sands in the mayan riviera. We had a group of 100. We gave Ricardo a list, and he would keep the crowd dancing by continuing with a certain genre of music when he noticed people were having a blast. He was very professional and great to work with. All of my guests kept saying how great the dj was, and about 50 percent of us work in the bar industry. Thank you Ricardo!!!

By TheDivineMissC, · 0 Comments

Pros: Easy to work with, reasonably priced, awesome dance mix, something for everyone, good quality equipment, reliable, fun!
Cons: None
Ricardo of Disco Movil DJ was AWESOME.  I highly recommend him to any bride & groom having their wedding in Playa del Carmen.  My husband and I got married at Mamita's Beach Club on October 12th in Playa.  I am a professional event planner myself, and so have heard a lot of DJs in my career, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ricardo.   I was on the dance floor the entire time with all my friends and family.  The dancing never stopped, and the great thing was that Ricardo just knows instinctively what to play.  No one, including myself, had to ask him to play something specific because he played all the right songs.  I also included a Song Request line on my invitations, and he played all my guests' requests.   We ordered the cold fireworks for the dance floor for our first dance.  DEFINITELY do it.  It's inexpensive, and a great effective that your guests aren't expecting.  They are like big sparklers that sit on the floor and shoot straight up.  Ricardo timed it perfectly.   We also created a slideshow that Ricardo put on a large rear projected video screen.  Ricardo told me an easy way to make the slideshow (just in iPhoto), and I DropBoxed the file to him.  No problem, everything went well.    My guests all complimented the DJ afterwards, and had a blast.  He's easy to work with, replies quickly, and you don't have to worry about a thing with him for the setup or party.  Just enjoy yourself, that is what a great vendor allows you to do.

By LorenadG, · 0 Comments

Pros: rapida respuesta, excelente seleccion musical, buen ambiente
Cons: Ninguno
Hace un mes tuve mi boda en la Riviera Maya, y tuve el gusto de elegir a Discomóvil, me tratataron excelente, contestaban mis correos y mis dudas prácticamente en el momento, solo les dimos una playlist como de 30 canciones para que se dieran idea de la música que nos gustaba, y todo salió excelente, la gente NUNCA dejo de bailar en mi boda, la pista estaba llena toda la noche, solo me queda mas que agradecerles por las excelentes atenciones de su equipo y la gran calidad de su trabajo... Ademas otro PRO es su precio, me parecio excelente y accesible a comparación de otros proveedores. Si quieres que tu boda en Cancun o Riviera sea un éxito contrata Discomóvil!!!!   Saludos  :)

By toniron, · 0 Comments

Pros: Cost, music selection, customer service
Cons: None
AI found this DJ one week before I left for my wedding and I'm so glad I did. Disco Movil DJs was amazing!!! I knew I wanted a DJ because I didn't want to deal with loading an iPod and playing from it. I mentioned the type of music I liked and it was like the DJ was i my head...it was perfect. We also got a light up dance floor that was amazing. We had such a good time all my guest raved about the DJ and begged for one more song after the last song. I have zero regrets about hiring these DJs. They were very professional, had excellent music selections, and knew how to keep a party moving!!! You won't regret hiring them.

By Rpc51, · 0 Comments

Pros: Communication, timely, and everything else
Cons: None
ARicardo and his crew were absolutely wonderful. We had our wedding at Moon Palace this past weekend and there are no complaints. I was a very picky bride but Ricardo answered all of my email promptly and honored all of my requests. Besides being well priced, he was very friendly and provided us with quality services. Thanks a ton Ricardo, you rock!!!!

By moemoney, · 0 Comments

Pros: Reliable, great music database, organized, fun
I highly, highly recommend Disco Movil for weddings/events in the Playa del Carmen area. Ricardo was such a pleasure to work with, and they have an amazing database of music (new, old, everything!). We'd requested a bunch of songs that got everyone up on their feet at another friends wedding just weeks before, but our small wedding (50 ppl) was not feeling that same tunes. So Ricardo, being the talented DJ that he is, changed up a few songs here and there to get everyone out on the dance floor - it totally worked. While we didn't get to hear all of our requests, it was 100% worth it to have everyone up on their feet. And honestly, as long as we had the first dance song correct, the rest doesn't really matter. Thank you, Ricardo and team!!!
gaby barrios

By gaby barrios, · 0 Comments

Pros: Profesionales, un precio muy bueno en relación al servicio ofrecido, excelente atención, excelente música.
Cons: Nada
Una de las cosas más difíciles cuando realizas una boda destino, es encontrar proveedores. Tu boda será en un lugar en donde muy probablemente no tengas contactos ni recomendaciones, y contratar al alguien del sin previos comentarios es aterrador! Nosotros contratamos a Disco Móvil DJs basándonos en comentarios que leímos en internet y lo que nos hizo decidirnos por ellos fue que desde el inicio, Disco Móvil tuvo una excelente atención y rápida respuesta a todas nuestras dudas y solicitudes, eso nos dio mucha confianza, y ahora que nuestra boda pasó, podemos decir con seguridad que fue de nuestros mejores proveedores.  El servicio es excelente durante todo el proceso; desde que los contratas, hasta el último minuto de la boda. En ocasiones, recibía respuesta de ellos a tan sólo 10 o 15 minutos de haber enviado el correo electrónico.  No hay canción que solicites que no la tengan, nos hicieron un mix con las canciones que queríamos bailar mi esposo y yo en nuestro vals y las mezclas fueron excelentes! Nuestra boda fue una mezcla de dos culturas ya que mi esposo es escocés y yo mexicana, por lo que comentamos que queríamos música con las que ambas culturas pudieran disfrutar y conocer. El resultado fue increíble, no hubo invitado que no se parara a bailar, la música fue un factor clave para que las dos familias se integraran en la fiesta, y la gente no paró de bailar en toda la noche. Cuando la fiesta terminó (porque el hotel tenía un horario límite), el 95% de los invitados seguían en el salón y pedían por otra canción; nadie quería que la fiesta terminara.   Si buscan un DJ con excelente servicio, rápida respuesta, profesional, confiable, y con el feeling que todo DJ debe tener para prender a la gente dependiendo de la situación, lugar, estilo, etc. Nosotros recomendamos al 100% a Disco Móvil DJs. 

By MDoh, · 0 Comments

We picked Disco Movil for our wedding in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Working with him was amazing. Being from the United States, a lot of communication needed to be done via email and Ricardo was always responsive in a timely fashion. He tailors how he works to the couple he is working with. For our wedding, we gave him a list of suggestions of music that we like and left the rest up to him. During the reception, we heard all the songs we suggested and some even better songs we didn't include on the list. He was an expert at reading the crowd and picking the next song. For days after the wedding we were getting compliments about the music selection and how awesome the DJ was.   Not only was he a pleasure to work with, but he was also reasonably priced, professional and attentive. We couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thanks Ricardo! Martin and Michelle D

By eguarnero, · 1 Comment

Ricardo, the dj, was wonderful, not just on the wedding day but throughout the planning process.  He responded to emails, typically within a few hours, and always in less than 24 hours. He played all the music we requested, with no glitches. We were able to send in a list of the songs we wanted for the ceremony, and what I enjoyed most was that we were able to play specific music for the reception dinner and the dance portion of the evening.  He was professional throughout our communication prior to the wedding and the day of.  He was personable and interacted with the guests throughout the night.  He traveled to Isla Mujeres to dj our wedding and arrived even early than requested to prepare.  I was super anal about what music I wanted played and when, and what announcements I wanted and the verbiage I wanted him to say. He met every request and was easy to work with.  I highly recommend Disco Movil as a service, they will not disappoint! 
Pros: Punctual, Professional, Affordable
Cons: None
We chose DiscoMovil as our DJs for our wedding at the Marina El Cid in Puerto Morelos on May 1, 2013. Hands Down it was the best decision ever!   Ricardo answered emails right away and even showed up to our resort 2 days before to do a site visit with us. Discomovil provided the sound system for our beach ceremony, dinner/reception and the dance floor, video screen and fireworks for our beach dance party at the end of the night! The light up dance floor was great for pictures and well worth the few extra dollars!   Ricardo has all of his music online, so you can go to his website and choose a playlist for him to play and what not to play in advance. He even took requests from our guest and kept the party and the dancing going all night long! All of our guests till talk about how much fun that had at our wedding!   I would recommend Ricardo and Discomovil in a heart beat! They are extremely professional and prove that they are extremely experienced in their field! Thanks Ricardo for all your work!!
B and L

By B and L, · 0 Comments

Pros: Great: website, music selection, communication
Ricardo is a true professional.  I communicated with (5) different companies to select the perfect fit for us.  Ricardo stood out by responding very quickly to my questions, being reasonably priced, having a very straight forward pricing structure that included all the necessary equipment and gave me full confidence that he would help make the night memorable.   He has great communication skills and his website has a great tool to build a playlist of must-play songs (as well as do-not-play songs).  This was a great feature where you can spend some time to make special notes on songs that are important and he'll make an announcement of who the song is dedicated to etc.  Another good feature was that he excepted PayPal for payment.  Allot of vendors only excepted bank transfers and that is costly (depending on your bank draft fees) as well as time consuming. Having DJ'd a few weddings myself, I can say that the most important thing a DJ needs to do is understand their audience.  Ricardo has this skill and you won't be disappointed with his service. We were enjoying ourselves so much that I asked him to continue for an extra hour and he happily agreed.

By Logan30, · 0 Comments

Pros: online creation of song lists, notes on songs for personalization, easy to communicate and very proficient responses via email, good mixing abilities
Cons: Audio Visual screen seemed a little blurry and it was hard to make out who was who in our slideshow
I was married at Barcelo Maya Palace April 24, 2013.  We chose to have our reception on Coco's Beach.  The resort has a dj included in the wedding package we picked but do your research.. You get way more for your money by going with an outside DJ.  After reading forums on DJ's in the Mayan area, I read really great reviews on Discomovil.  I am so happy I went with them.  They were very quick to answer all my questions and took all my notes personalizing each song for my guests.  They even downloaded songs I wanted and everything was timed perfectly.  If you are looking to get married in the area I highly recommend using discomovil for your reception.  The wireless mic worked perfectly and sounded loud enough on the speakers for everyone to hear speeches and the dance lights were flashing around in the sand.  The DJ had good mixing and scratching capabilities and kept the party going strong till 2AM.   Thank you for a wonderful night made possible by the DJ's at Discomovil!!!

By Gregorian47, · 0 Comments

Pros: Kept the party going! and guests dancing all night!
Cons: Nada!
We used Disco Movil for our wedding at the Riu Palace in Riviera Maya and it was perfect! We gave him a song list of some songs we wanted played and first dances and introductions. He was great at also mixing up some great dance songs that kept all the guests dancing and singing along! Would highly definitely recommend using their services!
diddles 13

By diddles 13, · 0 Comments

Pros: professional, punctual, easy to make payments
Cons: he didn't let me play jim croce but maybe that's not necessarily a con
Ricardo is the quiet and seemly grumpy DJ that you definitely want by your side for your wedding. He is organized, has great equipment, and is a problem solver. All qualities you need in the person whose job it is to make your party fun. He doesn't say much but don't let that fool you.   I just got married last week and had some very specific ideas of what I wanted played at my wedding. I remember sitting with Ricardo and introducing to him/ suggesting we play The Supremes and The Black Keys. He looked at me funny as I proceeded to ask him if we could also play some Jim Croce and Peter Tosh. I obviously needed someone to edit me and Ricardo was the perfect guy to do it. He played One Night in Bangkok even though I knew he didn't want to and he kindly shot down my drunk friend Stacy who insisted he play The Carpenters (she later came up to me and said, wow I didn't know you had so many songs on your do not play list. Humm, we only had one which was Come on Ilene.. thanks to Ricardo we were saved from the torture of It's Only Just Begun and We Are Family)   All kidding aside, Ricardo was a great DJ because he paid attention to the crowd and what we wanted to hear. We ended the night with Lionel Richie and we could not have been happier. I like DJ's who are lovers of all kinds of music, not just the top 40 which in my opinion is boring. You can dance to that at any time and it sends your older guests running. At the end of my party it was 3am and we had my parents, aunts and uncles, still going hard with us. It was such a blast. He played my Hall and Oates and stayed away from Beyonce. It was AWESOME. Now don't get the wrong idea here, I'm not an old bride. I just didn't want a cookie cutter wedding where I toss my bouquet to All the Single Ladies. We played Thievery Corp during dinner and danced for hours. Good times! You can't dance your little heart out without a good DJ. This one is a pro.   GRACIAS RICARDO!!
Renee Dickerson

By Renee Dickerson, · 0 Comments

Pros: On time, professional, attentive, + fun
Cons: None
Ricardo + his team DJ'ed our wedding at the Barcelo Maya Palace in April 2013. We trusted the reviews from past brides on this website + booked Ricardo with ease. He was extremely fast with email communication which is a huge plus for destination weddings. Our guests can't stop talking about how much fun they had. The music was great + the light up dance floor was a hit! We provided a detailed list of music + Discomovil played most of our requests. He was able to keep the partying going with our very international family + friends crowd... playing R&B, Oldies, Pop, Reggae, Hip Hop, and more. We had a fabulous time + highly recommend them!