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By Atthebeach, · 501 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: professional, prompt communication

We booked Disco Movil for our wedding at the Barcelo Palace based on the amount of positive reviews and price for services. Communications were always prompt, and clear. We paid for everything using Paypal once when we booked and paid the deposit three months in advance and then a few weeks before the wedding for the remainder.It's nice we didnt have to worry about cash for payment.


Just for a tip after the fact. We paid for 4 hours of music, the light up dance floor (which is totally worth it!!), cold fireworks, and a generator. I researched many local DJ's and must say that the prices with Disco Moviil are great for what you get. The day of the wedding they showed up on time and were very professional with my Husband and I. The set up was nice as well. We provided a list of "must play" songs and a list of "Do not play" All song selections were great in between our recommendations and the guests thoroughly enjoyed the music.


I found it blended well with our musical tastes. During the middle of the night, they handed out party supplies like blow up guitars, sombreros and assorted hats and funny glasses to liven up the party -- not that it needed it -- the DJ had everyone dancing up on the dance floor..even my 80 y.o. grandmother. :o)This extras were well received and totally a nice surprise!! We got a lot of hilarious keepsake photos with everyone dressed up in funny hats and glasses.


The only 2 hitches of the night: We arranged by email and in person the day of, a kissing game that we wanted the DJ to explain to our guests. The premise was: In a group of 2 or 3 get up to the dance floor and dance to a song of the DJs choice for 20 seconds and then the bride and groom will come up on the dance floor and kiss. Well, the instructions weren't clear to our guests and we had our guests coming up and just dancing to the background music played during dinner. Oh well, it worked anyway.


The other hitch was our last song: we had one planned in advance and were expecting Auld Lang Syne. When the DJ announced last song, he played, "fat Bottom Girls" by Queen. LOL!!! I was mortified but our guests couldn't stop laughing about this. Needless to say we scurried over to the DJ and he actually found a nice version of Auld Lang Syne to play for us after! Overall, despite the minor hiccups we were more than pleased with Disco Movil and would recommend them without any hesitation!


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