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Pros: Amazing music and professional
Cons: Send a list, not a con but definetly have an idea, he works out the rest!

We used Disco Movil for our wedding on October 05, 2013 at the Barcelo Maya Palace Resort in Puerto Aventuras at the Palameras grill. It was a dream come true.


A DJ was a very important factor for me during my wedding planning. My resort offered DJ services but when I put the prices side by side it was a no brainer to go with an outside DJ. I did a lot of research and based on all the amazing reviews I decided to book with Disco Movil. I booked them about 5 months before my wedding date.  My final payment was made about 2 weeks before the event. There are a couple of options for payment, I decided to go with paypal. It was a smooth transaction.


The services provided was DJ, screen projector, generator, and light up dance floor. As far as the DJ, Ricardo did an amazing job. I actully waited until the day of to finalize all the music that I wanted. ( I do not recommend this lol) it was my own indecisiveness. He was very gracious though and understanding. The video was 30 minutes long and I did not have time to finalize on imovie so I could not put it on usb or cd, so he connected it with my macbook (my own procrastination). As the video started playing the music on my video somehow over lapped because it was not finalized on imovie, so my maid of honor quickly ran over to him to request songs to play originally intented for the video, and he quickly resolved the issue, as well as putting the video on repeat during dinner.

Music was very important to me so it took me a while to finalize my play list as noted above. I seperated my list of songs for dinner, and dance, by song title and artist. You also should somehow highlight the ones that MUST be played. He also plays songs that are not on the list. In my expierience he added to the party! The songs he chose to play as extra, were ones I forgot to put on the list, I felt like he read my mind. My husband is Turkish and in my list I sent him a few Turkish songs with the artists.  I was scared he wouldnt be able to find them, but he played them with no issue at all! I would without a doubt recommend to any bride and groom thinking about getting a light up dance floor to stop thinking and just do it. I added it last minute maybe a month before. It was so much fun and our pictures during the dance reception were amazing.  I 100% recommend Disco Movil! Great team, fun and professional, definitely added to a magical night.




photos by Blue Lens Caribe (also amazing team)


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