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Ricardo's da bomb
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diddles 13

By diddles 13, · 396 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: professional, punctual, easy to make payments
Cons: he didn't let me play jim croce but maybe that's not necessarily a con

Ricardo is the quiet and seemly grumpy DJ that you definitely want by your side for your wedding. He is organized, has great equipment, and is a problem solver. All qualities you need in the person whose job it is to make your party fun. He doesn't say much but don't let that fool you.


I just got married last week and had some very specific ideas of what I wanted played at my wedding. I remember sitting with Ricardo and introducing to him/ suggesting we play The Supremes and The Black Keys. He looked at me funny as I proceeded to ask him if we could also play some Jim Croce and Peter Tosh. I obviously needed someone to edit me and Ricardo was the perfect guy to do it. He played One Night in Bangkok even though I knew he didn't want to and he kindly shot down my drunk friend Stacy who insisted he play The Carpenters (she later came up to me and said, wow I didn't know you had so many songs on your do not play list. Humm, we only had one which was Come on Ilene.. thanks to Ricardo we were saved from the torture of It's Only Just Begun and We Are Family)


All kidding aside, Ricardo was a great DJ because he paid attention to the crowd and what we wanted to hear. We ended the night with Lionel Richie and we could not have been happier. I like DJ's who are lovers of all kinds of music, not just the top 40 which in my opinion is boring. You can dance to that at any time and it sends your older guests running. At the end of my party it was 3am and we had my parents, aunts and uncles, still going hard with us. It was such a blast. He played my Hall and Oates and stayed away from Beyonce. It was AWESOME. Now don't get the wrong idea here, I'm not an old bride. I just didn't want a cookie cutter wedding where I toss my bouquet to All the Single Ladies. We played Thievery Corp during dinner and danced for hours. Good times! You can't dance your little heart out without a good DJ. This one is a pro.




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