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  1. Hi all, for some reason I do not receive a notification when someone replies to this post. If you are interested in any of the items for sale, please inbox me:)
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by lastminbride Thank you!!! I JUST booked my Wed for THIS Nov16/17 (2013!!!!) and will be assigned my offsite coordinator tomorrow. I will ask for Renee. Thank you! Any other tips/advice are welcome! Thanks I have not had a chance to write my review but if you need advice on vendors, feel free to contact me (rpc51@case.edu).
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by lastminbride Thanks so much for this advice! You are very welcome.
  4. I just uploaded some pics from the wedding on my profile under the "wedding" album. P.S. I was told the Moon did not make elaborate cakes well but I took the chance and they made our wedding and grooms cake exactly as I requested (including adding a fake tier for free:)
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Dondon84 Hi, We get married at Moon Palace on 11th October 2013!!!!! Just been told Valeria Vera is our onside wedding coordinator. Has anybody had Valeria before or in contact with her now? Just wondered how she was during the whole process :-) Thanks Donna Just a little advice: I specifically requested Valeria based on what I heard from past brides and was not disappointed. I didn't have contact with her until the week before the wedding but was not worried because I had Renee, who was my off-site coordinator and was totally wonderful. I
  6. Beautiful ivory wedding dress with corset back: $600 (paid $800) Belt: $250 (paid $400)
  7. My turn has finally come!! Leaving tomorrow morning . . . the excitement is killing me.
  8. I love your replies, lol. I need someone to tell me to shut up and stop worrying. I'm trying . . . I'm such a perfectionist though. I will stop though, thanks to you:)
  9. Thank you for your help. I'm trying really hard not to panic. I chose Bugamilias; I have some vegans in my group so I didn't think it would be fair to them to go to Arrecifes (although I hear they have a salad bar). Also, my group is not the club/disco type so that wouldn't work. I had them take off $40 to lower my total for the extra hours. I'm still worried about the construction . . . I have not gotten an answer about how bad it is yet. What section of the resort did you stay?
  10. I just received the purchase order this week. That's how I realized they were charging extra for those hours. Seems like everything is going wrong this week . . . extra charges, the mexican restaurant Los Caporales where our welcome dinner was suppose to be held is not available and just found out there is construction on the Nizuc side where all of my guests will be staying. I can't take anymore changes/disappointments.
  11. Did you tell your coordinator that you had an outside DJ? Our wedding is next week and I am a little worried because I have an outside DJ but I have not told them because I don't want them to charge me the $500. I purchased a pass for the DJ though . . . any advice would be helpful. THank you!
  12. I just realized you were there not too long ago. Did they charge you for extra hours at the reception? My reception is from 7-10 but I thought they only charged extra if you needed the bar for longer than 2 hrs . . . I didn't budget for this.
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