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  1. I did have issues with mailing my boxes and clearing customs because I was not aware that seashells are considered animals and need special agricultural clearance, but Juan Carlos called customs and worked everything out for me. I would recommend shipping 2 months in advance or trying to take as much as possible on the airplane with you, clearing customs that way is much easier. You will not need a generator. The Tequila Terrace has everything your DJ will need. I had a super duper sound system with lights, fog, etc...and it was fine. I had my ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner on the T
  2. I went through destinationweddings.com and I only paid a $50 fee and they did all of the work with blocking rooms and arranging transportation for all of my guests. They get paid from the hotel so it worked out great for me to only pay $50 for a great travel agent. I purchased all of my supplies from ebay. And the cost was super cheap because it was coming from China, but I spent $45 for sashes and matching napkins...everything is imported from China anyway so if you have time I would order from ebay to save money and shipping was super fast, less than a week in most cases.
  3. @@gannonham...I saw your wedding while I was there and it was so nice!!!!! FYI...If your wedding colors are sapphire blue, I donated all of my wedding satin chair sashes, satin napkins, silver picture frames, diamond table scatter, faux candles, to the wedding center for the use of other brides....just ask Juan Carlos, I left him 2 large boxes of wedding decorations.
  4. I was married April 26th at Now Sapphire and I shipped 3 large boxes to the resort and did not have any problems with customs. The only problem I had is that some of my items were damaged but it wasn't any of my major decorations so it was no biggie to me. Keep in mind when shipping that you not only pay the cost to ship the item but you also have to pay custom taxes and fees. For my 3 boxes I paid FedEx $380 which was a discounted rate through my job and the custom taxes were $250, so it can be every costly. In hindsight, the beautiful ocean view is all you need for the wedding and it's free.
  5. Don't get too freaked out, your wedding will be great. Like I said this was my personal experience but I felt the need to share because as you stated in NYC we take bed bugs seriously, but in Mexico it is not a big deal. I saw the bed bugs with my own eyes and also took photos of the bed bugs to show the hotel manager, who did nothing about the problem but told me to keep quiet about my complaint. One of my guests actually had to go to the local hospital outside of the resort because the resort doctor couldn't help her and he's a doctor from the states! It was so gross, but another guests stay
  6. Ladies I'm back from my wedding at Now Sapphire! I will say Juan Carlos is awesome and super sweet in person, in fact I gave him a $250 tip...My best advice is to KEEP IT SIMPLE when it comes to your wedding, they prefer you have a cookie cutter wedding in order for everything to flow smoothly and I actually agree. My wedding was super detailed oriented and it was a disaster and the language barrier created even further confusion...BUT my DJ (Disco Movil Cancun) made everyone forget about all the mishaps of the ceremony and we had a great time. My wedding reception was the best part of my stay
  7. 29 days and counting....I can't wait!!! I will be sure to write a very informative review to help all the 2015 brides out because I know it's tough trying to plan from a distance. Oh and I'm having milk and cookies to end my reception, it's $3/pp and each person will get 2 cookies. My fiance has milk and cookies every night before bed like he's a 5 year old!!!! lol....so I thought it was a cute idea to add this.
  8. If anyone is looking for a great DJ service with reasonable rates I suggest Disco Movil Cancun. They are charging me $600 for 5 hours of DJ service w/ MC, 4 led lights, cold fireworks, and party props. So even with the $300 vendor fee it's a good deal. I initially booked the resort DJ but it was $700 for only 2 hours and didn't even come with a MC. www.discomovilcancun.com
  9. I will be able to use my saxophonist for my cocktail hour. I called them personally and gave them a tongue lashing and now I'm getting everything I want. It's sad that I had to take it that far, but it seems that they are changing everything and becoming more strict. I even spoke to my travel agent today and she told me that this use to be her favorite place for weddings but she's not referring this place to brides any longer because the commuication is so difficult and it makes her job harder when dealing with brides. THIS IS NOT MEANT TO SCARE BRIDES BECAUSE OTHER BRIDES HAVE HAD NO ISSUES.
  10. So after going back and forth with the Juan Carlos my issues are now resolved. FYI...Any brides that are getting married in 2014 that have been booked with Now Sapphire for more than 9 months, I woud highly recommend making Anel or Juan Carlos aware that you booked your package using the 2012/2013 Wedding Guide. It appears the 2013/2014 Wedding Guide does not allow you to exchange services that you don't need for something else (i.e. you can't swap out soup for an extra appetizer or use the saxophonist during cocktail hour). And this was they reason why I went on a rant earlier this week,
  11. OMG....I've been planning my wedding with NOW Sapphire for well over a year and today I was told by this new coordinator Juan that 80% of the things I want for my wedding I can't have. I know I have read on this site, tripadvisor, etc....that other brides used the saxophonist that is included in the Divine Package for the cocktail hour and Juan says NOPE you must use the saxophonist during the ceremony. He also told me that I can do a unity candle because of the wind, okay I get it but I sent him a picture which shows the candles are in a hurricane vase protecting it from the wind, and of cour
  12. I will try to remain positive , but I'm a professional wedding planner here in the states so managing my expectations is difficult (I can admit that!) but I have my wedding designed to a tee and there are alot of things I need to know if they offer at the local resort like blue curacao liquer or if they can dye roses horizon blue becuase I want to have a signature drink and a specific flower arrangement...and of course I want to know these things before I arrive at the resort , I don't want to arrive there and find out a few days before my wedding that they can't do something. Oh well I will k
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