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  1. After I sent it I noticed that you were from Louisville, so I was thinking it was even worse if you were an STL fan ha ha
  2. The password should be "sweep" lol j/p I am moving to Columbus, OH on Saturday and am a huge Reds fan.. I was just in Cincy to watch them sweep the cards.
  3. Sorry I tried looking on my old emails but the only info I could find is that Anel said they both hold up to 10 people but there was never dimensions.
  4. We found that Anel communicates on Facebook quite frequently so that may be an idea.
  5. If anyone is interested here is the video of our wedding and photo shoot that is included in the Divine package. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUrJ73tCgqw
  6. I know that the prices we received from our TA also included roundtrip transfers to the airport. We also received a free room for every 6 booked or something like that... So those are deals that you would not receive though Expedia, and such. WE just had everyone book their flights on their own, one guy did have the travel agent book his flight but I just put down $100 per room and reserved 25 rooms.
  7. I found what worked best for us was that we used the travel agent to get us a good group rate on the rooms and then had people book their own flights using orbitz or kayak. Orbitz has Price Assurance so if the price went down they are supposed to send you a check for the difference.
  8. This is what our guests paid for tropical view: Single: $516 for 3 nights; $160 each additional night Double: $403 pp for 3 nights; $123 pp each additional night Triple: $393 pp for 3 nights; $119 pp each additional night Children 3 - 12: $185 for 3 nights; $50 each additional night Children 2 and under: $38 for the whole time. Resort is an all-inclusive resort so all drinks, food, and tips are included. These prices also include airport transfers to and from the resort. Please check out the Flights tab for information on booking your flights.
  9. Yes it is definitely normal. We were there two weeks ago and they are so busy right now. They typically concentrate on the weddings that are coming up. If I was you I would just comment on their Facebook Wall that you are waiting to hear if your wedding date is available and then you usually get a response.
  10. The pictures were done by whoever the resort uses in our wedding package. We actually found the cake topper on a website off of Amazon.com
  11. We had our ceremony on the beach and reception and cocktail hour on tequila terrace. Our ceremony was at 5. There was another wedding at 4 a little bit further down the beach but the only time we saw them was as me and the guys were walking to our location and when we were getting our pictures taken. We actually got lucky as all 3 restaurants by the tequila terrace were closed that night so it was very private. Quote: Originally Posted by craftygal That's a perfect picture. Thank you. I'm sure I've read that you got married on the beach. Was it off the tequila terra
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