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  1. Anel has told me again that I can not use the soloist for the cocktail hour. I am annoyed! Anel said the ceremony is only about 25 minutes, so do they actually play for 45 minutes? Obviously they don't play when we are talking so is that included in the 45 minutes? What kind of music did they play for you? Also trying to decide on the violinist or guitarist for the soloist. What did everyone else choose?
  2. Thanks for everyone's responses. I sure hope we can use the soloist at our cocktail hour, I haven't heard back from Anel yet. Are you able to pay for the wedding costs with a credit card at the resort? I assume we can?
  3. For those of you who have already had your weddings did you get a room upgrade? I'm really hoping we get one!
  4. I have the Divine package and was hoping to use the soloist during our cocktail hour (I see some people have done that.) But Anel told me I have to use it during the ceremony. Anyone know why she would be saying this? What sort of soloist did you have and what kind of music did they play for the ceremony? Or cocktail hour? Thanks!
  5. But then for the speeches do you have to rent the speakers for $150 an hour? This is what I am unclear on! I'm not sure what to do! Very helpful! Thanks so much! What time was your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception at?
  6. Perfect! That sounds great. Did you use a DJ for the reception? Or what did you do? Do Anel and Ramon arrange the meeting time before you arrive at the resort? Also did you pick flowers before you arrived or just when you were there? On the form it says to pick the flowers but I have also read from others that they just picked them at the meeting. Thanks for your help!!
  7. Do they supply speakers to play music for the ceremony? I have the Divine package but thinking of using the guitarist or saxophonist for the cocktail hour. Did you just give them your ipod?
  8. Thanks for your help! Isn't the DJ $350 per hour though? I've found a DJ for a better price but with the outside vendor fee it's hard to know what to do! How many hours do you think you will use the DJ for?
  9. Hi there, Just have a couple of questions. Are there microphones and speakers at the tequila terrace for speeches during the reception? Has anyone found a good DJ at a reasonable price and what is the outside vendor fee? Thanks!
  10. I see some of you said you got responses by writing on the facebook page. Do you just mean the Now Sapphire facebook page? Or is there another one that Anel and Ramon look at?
  11. Has anyone used Jose Luis Hernandez as their photographer? His prices are very reasonable!
  12. I am thinking of having my wedding at the Now Sapphire but am worried about the extra costs for guests. Did everyone pay the 99 dollars per guest over the 25 for the devine wedding package? Or is that what the cost is?
  13. van83


    This is a review of:

    Disco Movil DJs


    Pros: Emailed back right away, played the music we requested
    Cons: None!
    Ricardo was such a great DJ! We got married on March 22nd. I sent him a list of songs we wanted played during the cocktail hour, dinner and dancing and he played all the songs we asked him to play. Whenever I sent him an email he responded right away and was so helpful. Everyone at our wedding loved the music and danced all night long. We had him play music from 5:30-11:30pm. I would definitely recommend DJ Disco Movil!!
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