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  1. I met on cousin house. They arranged some traditional functions. I love all replies. Thank you for giving opportunity to share this.
  2. joliebrad20

    Starfish Theme Chair Sashes

    First snap was awesome. You chose the perfect color. I like pink organza chair sashes
  3. Hello @stella19865 What tablecloths did you use?
  4. joliebrad20

    Starfish Themed Wedding

    Check above image. I got online with starfish
  5. joliebrad20

    Chair Sashes Please Help!

    Hello @LasCaletas I saw the albums. Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing
  6. Starfish chair decoration is good idea. But you missed one. if you decorate chair cover with starfish, it will happen good vision for your event.
  7. joliebrad20

    Table Runner?

    May i know is it runner? can you tell me that where to buy this runner?
  8. joliebrad20

    Lots of Wedding Supplies!!

    can you show me the oot bags picture?
  9. joliebrad20

    Wedding Tutu for flower girl

    Just now i checked online, two suppliers are available. tutudumonde, tutugirl
  10. I think so, The admin of this post is not available. Thank You
  11. If I order you, how will you shipping me?
  12. joliebrad20

    Chair Sashes Please Help!

    can you see this link? http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/35358-tulle-for-ceremony-decor/ this is may be help you
  13. joliebrad20

    Tulle for Ceremony Decor

    Very beautiful location. chair sash color and wedding decoration awesome
  14. if you post some classfied sites, it will assist you.