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  1. And none of the guests cared one bit- the ones who spent a little extra to upgrade from the garden view. We were hardly in the rooms anyways, and it's not like they are gross, just not "luxurious"
  2. We loved the resort! We stayed in the honeymoon suite- it was 2 stories, plenty of room, huge bathroom for me and the bridesmaids to get ready in, and a gorgeous room! Didn't bother me one bit that the rooms weren't as up to date as other places. We had a great wedding and a great vacation!
  3. I got married at dreams last year- please check out my add for all of my used table linens and chair sashes, bride groom passport covers, starfish, lanyards, welcome postcards and room key holder cards. I just looking to get rid of all of it to the same person to avoid shipping everything separately and I know that only someone getting married in Mexico will want this stuff bc the postcards say Mexico! Fuchsia, lime green, and bright orange linens. Look at the add for pics! Happy to answer any questions anyone has about dreams also! Anything I can do to help any future dreams brides!
  4. I can send you pictures but I am really trying to sell this stuff all to one person to avoid having to ship everything separately. If I haven't sold it all in a week or so I will consider selling everything separate.
  5. They aren't yellow! They are just natural colored starfish and I bought them at hobby lobby! I would really rather sell all these items to the same buyer and avoid shipping multiple times, if I can't get rid of them in a week or so then I may consider selling them separately.
  6. also I really would like to sell all of these items individually and not seperate! Call or text me at 850-380-9551 or email me at Briannarae23@yahoo.com to reach me immediately!
  7. I have so many items I have procrastinated getting rid of! They need a new home and have all only been used once. I was married last april at Dreams Cancun. A detailed list of the items are: 29 LARGE SIZE welcome to mexico postcards (picture attached) 11 lanyards - black and white 1 box lanyard inserts (100ct) - "to have and to hold...your room key" - (picture attached) 3 satin table runners - bright orange, lime green, fuschia 2 orange organza table cloths 1 fuschia organza table cloth 29 lime green satin chair sashes 10 fuschia organza chair sashes 30 satin napkins (1
  8. Hi!! I'm leaving For dreams in the morning! Can anyone tell me the name of the good hairdresser in their spa??
  9. oh and just a word of advice ladies....TAKE YOUR VITAMIN C!!! I think the stress of the last few months caught up with me (planning a wedding, my dog got heartworms, and a close friend passed away all within a month) - and about a month ago my WISDOM teeth flared up, had to have oral surgery to have them removed, then got a dry socket (of course), then i woke up last sunday with a sore throat and a head cold!! So take your vitamin c and save yourself the misery of trying to get packed up for your wedding while you feel like you are going to shrivel up and die. LOL
  10. i got all of my sashes, organza overlays, table runners, and napkins from weddinglinensdirect.com. My colors are fuschia, green and orange - so i just got an assortment of all (3 colors of napkins, 3 colors of runners, and 3 colors of overlays). i don't know how they will choose to use them. LOL hope it looks ok. I got the flowers from wedideas; 1 bridal bouquet, 4 bridesmaids bouquet, and 6 boutineers. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. When i got my flowers I loved them all except for MINE; bc there were lilies in them that weren't real touch and looked bad - i emailed them - send them back, and th
  11. ok ladies! i am leaving sunday - getting married a week from today!! i can't believe its almost here! i have everything set; packing list being checked off as we speak. Going to get my hair and pedi today; then will spend the weekend packing!! My only problem so far is figuring out how to transport my bouquet. I am giving my BM bouquets all to them so they can deal with them, but mine is BIG and i just don't want to have to carry it and hold it the entire flight! WTF! oh well, other than that i can't wait to get out of here! i have all of my centerpiece/decor/sand ceremony/sashes and ta
  12. i am trying to pic a restaurant to have my rehearsal dinner at - she sent me menus from all the places (oceana, himatsu, and the other one) - any suggestions past dreams guests??? its alot to look at and since i have never been there i have no idea what would be the best choice!!! also - how many restaurants are there at Dreams? i know theres buffet, and the three i mentioned above- but isn't there a restaurant onsite that isn't included in the all inclusive (ie: you have to pay for your dinner)??? just wondering. Also, i would like to know the answer to the question above about
  13. Hi! OMG i LOVE those shot glasses!! THey are freaking adorable. how much did you end up paying for them after everything? and, my FI was looking at the dreams website and had a question: next to Mini bar in the room description it has $$. Is the mini bar in the room not included in the all inclusive? But the beer in the fridge is? LoL i know its not important but he's a guy and wants to know:) thanks!!!
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