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    December 05, 2014
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    Zama Beach Club
  1. Hello ladies! i wanted to post a review of my wedding from back in December now that things have gotten back to normal a bit, and give a few tips.First, we were married on the beautiful Isla Mujeres with just our closest friends and family and honeymooned in Tulum This was priceless! Two locations to paly in and then get away and relax, so nice Here's what we experienced: http://quetzalphoto.com/wedding-photographer-cancun/wedding-sandrajoseph-isla-mujeres/ 1. We made welcome bags with bug spray (much appreciated, tylenol (ditto) and pepto. Wish we had included band-aids. I just did
  2. I invited my boss because I've known him and his wife for years now and they're more friends than just a boss.
  3. We started out thinking we were going to get married in Tulum because we have a smaller guest list but opted to honeymoon there instead We really liked Encantada and Villa Las Estrellas. Both small B &B style hotels with great service and prices we heard. But there are so many options. Las Ranitas and The Beach are good for bigger parties because you can rent the whole space out. Good luck!
  4. @@Shunzik Where did you get the MRS. t shirt? It's adorable and sexy all at the same time
  5. That FG dress is killing me it's so cute! I gotta figure out how to wear a tutu dress to work lol
  6. Great list! I like to google them too, several travel agencies post beach specific packing lists that have been perfect n the past!
  7. $1600 for equipment and DJ for ceremony and reception including travel from cancun to isla
  8. Decided on coral shades with tan and aqua and hints of gold as final colors - took a while to really focus
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