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  1. Hey my reception is actually coming up next month. I did a site visit last year and went to every hotel in Nassau. We finally made the decision to go with Melia which is where we stayed but didn't know they did weddings. Im also having the ceremony in a church so the reception is at Melia and im using there indoor rooms cause the outdoor space has a early time limit to it and noise control situations, also there outdoor area isn't very private, its close to the pool areas. And you can only do buffet at there outdoor space. Atlantis was extremely expensive, (for the price i should just hav
  2. What is everyone doing about inviting their bosses?? I work for a small company but we have over 100 staff. Im inviting people i directly work with like my supervisor that i report to and a few co workers. Im friendly with a lot of people in the office but im just inviting the ones i directly work with. Now the Administrator of the company over sees my dept. I work with her often and we go back and forth a lot during the week. Im not sure if i should invite her. Ive known her for 8 years!! She was so excited to hear about my engagement but shes also the head of the company. Is it weird
  3. I got my invitations done through a company April25 and they made stamps to match my invites. They didn't cost extra and i was able to purchase them through zazzle. They match my invitations perfectly. They even made 3 different styles for me to choose from.
  4. LOVE THIS!!!! I love Archer! I think a postcard would be awesome. I def agreet though, he should be holding a whiskey. I know this is the first draft, but are they going to do color??
  5. @@smileitseb it is so bothering me but i keep telling myself not to stress it. The timimg was impecable though. I had just approved the last proof and 2 days later she called. Anyway, i asked if they could forward the calls but its a no go. She won't be moving till the second week in November so i don't even have her new number yet. I only have the number to the new store. I wanted to have my invites out by the end of this month. @@TAkathy thats probably what im going to do. Its the only way aside from reprinting. Do you think i should also note that the new number won't be availabl
  6. @@bkprettygirl, you can always talk to April25. They work within your budget. Something as simple as changing the type of paper they use can change the price of the invitations.
  7. My invitations have been printed an are on their way to me. My travel agent just called and told me she is moving to a different store. Her email will stay the same but her phone # is changing. All my invites have been printed with her old number. How can i let my guests know that her number is incorrect without it looking stupid. My sister suggested putting a label over it with the correct info. I hate that!! I spent a lot of money on these and don't want them ruined with a label!!! The people who made the invites offered me a re-print at a discounted rate but its just so much to spend o
  8. April 2015 Bahamas bride!!! 6 1/2 more months to go and i can't wait!!!!
  9. I got mine done through a small company Apriltwentyfive.com I think they are fantastic!! Its owned by a couple and they do amazing work. We did the boarding pass style invitation in my colors. They're great through the whole process. They are a lil on the pricey side but its personalized exactly how you want it and look amazing! I think you can order a sample of every type of invite they do for $8. They also have an etsy shop I did our save the dates at wedding paper divas which also came out fantastic.
  10. On one website i saw they included a small luggage tag as their rsvp. It was stamped on the back and had the couples address so no envelope was needed. i thought that was pretty cute.
  11. I can get to the home page but anytime I click on anything I get an error message. I really hope they're just updating. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk I can get to the home page but anytime I click on anything I get an error message. I really hope they're just updating. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. @@strwbsprkl don't tell me that!!!!!! I'll be so upset. Is there etsy store not working either?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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