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  1. Good idea to ask....we met a couple in Mexico who had a wedding the next month and we gave them a whole suitcase of stuff....I felt good about it plus we didn't have to pay $50 to fly the suitcase back with us to prob store indefinitely lol.
  2. I had different colors of that helps...I had coral roses with mint calls lilies it should read lol
  3. I have my video posted on my Facebook.....if you request me I'll add so u can see it....Jamie Worona.....it's a nice thing to have as a memory although I'm going to request they send me a new one because they spelled my husband Paul's name as pawl.....lol...I was gonna let it go thinking it was free but then I was like heck I paid for the package so they can send me a corrected dvd lol
  4. I still have to post my review....which is pretty good but also has some issues we went thru. Just want to warn any other brides that intend to pay cash to save from any bank fees....they limit you to 1500 per month in U.S. Dollars at the resort. To pay my wedding balance was 6100 and I had to have 3 family members use their Id to pay with my money because otherwise we wouldn't have been able to pay for anything else at the resort....I ended up canceling the champagne just bc I didn't want it plus they were gonna require a 5th Id for that 100 over and I didn't want to bother anyone else in my
  5. Thanks for the interest but items are no longer Available....I met a future bride here who didn't have many things yet and her wedding is in a few weeks so we gave them to her.....we agreed it.was going to be much easier then dragging the 2 extra suitcases home lol....plus it.makes me happy to.help.a fellow.bride
  6. Wasn't us lol our trash the Dress is Monday. Ill have hubs take pix Tomm
  7. I am currently at now jade and have at least 50 organza coral sashes here along with 8 aisle hangers 4 starfish and 4 shells.....if you are marrying at now jade I can ask if they will store them for.you but it seems like such a waste for me.to.bring home.. I also have 4_5 real touch rose.bouquets and some burlap.and.metal tin can centerpieces with coveralls....and also a fishnet thing they used on the cake table. When husband gets back.from his boys day I can have him take pics if there's any interest....I hate to waste them but if I am only reselling at this cost to.bring them home it seems
  8. I have pix taken by guests on my Facebook....u can add me Jamie worona and I will accept when I get the chance
  9. Phone ended up in the water day 3 so my communication will be limited unless I get a replacement?...but WiFi is good and free 3 devices a room and you can rotate them
  10. Ok so my wedding isn't until wed but we arrived yesterday and it's been a wonderful experience since walking into the resort...everyone has been super friendly and accommodating. We are in the preferred club and any request we made has been met fast....like a rollaway bed for our son, my daughter requesting certain fruits at all meals (she's 3) and the waiters just get it for her.....had our meeting with pilar today and she was fantastic....I was a mess all until we arrived and it really did just all work out....so cliche I know lol. Even at dinner we said it felt like bugs were out and the wa
  11. Ok fellow brides my wedding is may 6!!!!! Officially less then a week....will be staying may 3-17 who else will be down there? Would love to meet fellow brides who have been a part of my planning on this site! So excited today was my last day at work and I spent the afternoon packing away
  12. Ok so I spoke with Pamela and feel at ease....basically any decisions I still need to make she went over and I have to email her my choices (like apps)...and I have to send all my vendor names they need exact names for the day passes.....also she sent a tentative bill the one thing I am not happy with is the 150 vendor fee for photographers plus their daypass....and I also need to feed them but I'm gonna email asking what they are usually fed cuz maybe I can do a cheaper dinner for them not 53 for my divine menu....I'm sure they don't want a heavy meal inbetween tuning around and taking picks
  13. So my wedding is may 6.....pilar called me 2 weeks ago but I missed the call and have been emailing back and forth with still no return call....today I have a message from my new coordinator Pamela....ah! Lol anyone know anything about her? She came off as nice and I'm excited to talk with her tomm bc I never got anywhere with pilar and feel like I just went off posts here rather then deal with the hassle of waiting so long for email replies...I think once I speak with her on the phone I will be calmer but I'm getting nervous we are so close and I have so much not finalized lol Question for
  14. Anyone have the laundry service price list? We are going 2 weeks with our 2 kids....trying to figure out if it's cheaper to get laundry done there and pack less or if I really need 2 weeks worth of clothes each plus backups lol....we have to pay for all luggage on our airline and since we r bringing a bunch of wedding crap with us I'd rather not bring 14 pairs shorts for each kid when they all look almost the same lol
  15. Was anyone else late sending the paperwork that should have been sent at the 45 day mark? We totally forgot about it and are at day 34...oops lol. I am getting the information together tho to hopefully send before the weekend...I am stuck on cocktail hour decisions and bridal bouquet.....I thought if be able to choose those when I meet with pilar.....what are some recommendations?
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