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    August 31, 2015
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    Nassau, Bahamas
  1. SuchALady777

    Upcoming Nyc Brides?

    I'm sept 2015! Where are you guys having the wedding at?
  2. SuchALady777

    Cruise Ship Vs. Independent Planner In St. Thomas

    Well for starters, if your ship doesn't port for some reason you'd be out of luck. I'm getting married in the Bahamas and am using a WC there. The ship Is way too pricey
  3. SuchALady777

    coral and Aqua/turquoise beach wedding decor

    Same here Bahamas sept 2015
  4. SuchALady777

    Anyone Getting A Wedding Video?

    Me too. What was it like?
  5. SuchALady777

    Song to walk down the aisle

    You by Jesse Powell
  6. SuchALady777

    What are you walking down the Aisle to?

    You by Jesse Powell
  7. SuchALady777

    Makeup and Hair artist

    good tip thanks!
  8. I have natural hair and hadnt thought about what id do yet. thanks for sharing
  9. SuchALady777

    Need first dance suggestions

    great suggestions!
  10. It's def getting expensive. I havent even started buying stuff. but the thought alone is overwhelming