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  1. I will try and post a few pics tonight when I get off. Honestly, hindsight is 20/20 so I wish I would have wore my own hair. I have naturally curly hair and being able to just wet and go would have been nice. Instead I was very worried about maintaing my weave and not wanting it to get wet or messy. I am glad I had it for the ceremony though. Hope this helps.
  2. Okay ladies, I was married in the DR on April 12th and can I tell you the heat/humidity killed my hair/weave. I wore ponytails our entire trip. I did do big curls pulled to the side the day of the wedding. However, by time we made it to our celebratory dinner they were damn near gone. I wouldn't necessarily recommend an updo either b/c it is so windy. I hope this helps.
  3. Oh gotcha. I'm sure you'll find what your looking for. Just may take a lil patience
  4. I soooo feel your pain. Hopefully your hair will have grown out to the lenght you want by your wedding. If not, you can always add some . That sounds very pretty. I love matte red lipsticks. Mac has a good one, Ruby Woo.
  5. I was going to suggest etsy. That's where I ordered mine. I ordered one with my soon to be last name and I absolutely love it.
  6. So I must admit I do not like the changes to the site. I never know when or if someone has commented to a post I've made. So needless to say I didn't know anyone responded to my January post. Niss1324, you are beautiful and I love your hair. Did you decide on what you were going to do? I went with a sew in. Not because I wanted to but b/c I felt like I had to. In October I severely damaged my hair and it is still trying to recover. So in order to get the look I'm going for I had to add hair. Although I did not want to go the sew in route I must admit I love it and I have been getting compliments daily. I'll upload some pics later this evening. I'm down to the final 2 weeks before our big day and I'm soooooo excited.
  7. Okay ladies, its been a while since I've heard from you all. I'm 2 1/2 months out until my wedding. I haven't made a final decision on my hair but I did decide to schedule an appt with the salon at HR. I'm praying she knows what she's doing. I think I will be adding hair with clip ins instead of doing a sew in so I can take it out right after the wedding. My hair broke off really bad in October after I had it dyed. So I'm hoping the clip ins will give me the long full effect I'm going for. Have any of you made any final hair decisions?
  8. My wedding is quickly approaching and I am very nervous and very much excited. I have been in constantly contact with my off site wedding coordinator for a while now and all the plans we have made have been "tentative". I was told that I could not finalize my plans until the day we arrive and meet with onsite coordinator. Did you find that most or all of your tentative plans were confirmed once you arrived or did you have to make changes to your original plans? Also, did you have any guest staying off resort? If so, did you have any problems getting wedding day passes?
  9. Thank you. I'm getting very excited. My guest paid 583.00 per person for the weekend not per night.
  10. I am getting married April 2014 at the Hard Rock and my FI and I decided to use an offsite photographer. We decided to go with HDC. I choose this particular photographer based on some reviews I saw on here as well as examples of his work from his site. I booked him fairly early, around Septmember b/c I didn't want to risk him not being available on my date. Also, my resort does have an outside vendor's fee.
  11. You can bring your own decorations but there is a set up fee. Some things they will do for you without a fee (i.e lay out your programs) but things like chair covers, they will charge you a fee. At least that's what my wedding coordinator told me.
  12. I don't have either (advise or suggestions) as of yet but I will definitely share after my wedding date 4/12/14.
  13. Quote:Originally Posted by amarie4713 Really helpful! I found a website that sells a bunch of travel size stuff so I can't wait to get started! What website?
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