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  1. Hey there! @@Tawnya That's awesome for the same day, I didn't know that they did that! What day are you arriving? Our ceremony is set for 4pm with the reception to follow. I ended up going with an outside photographer instead of using the one through the resort. I am paying the $1000 vendor fee. If it's cheaper to book them for three nights I will go that route instead.
  2. I Google searched it too, and was curious if anyone had used one and was happy with it. We didn't want to ask for anything either (one because it's a destination wedding, and two we have been together for 11 years and do not need any more stuff), but we have some people asking and I figured I would set it up if some people we going to persist on it.
  3. Hey there! Does anyone know of a secure website that I can set up for people to give money instead of gifts for our wedding? Thanks!
  4. @@kcole123 Yes, I am going to go with the resort hair and makeup for both myself and my maid of honor. I am really wanting to go with HDC, but I don't know if I really want to spend that $1000 entrance fee. Right now I am really torn about what to do, but I know I need to make a decision ASAP. I have given out almost all of my save the dates, and once I get more time, I am going to work on the invitations. I actually still have to book our flights. I was hoping to ride it out for a couple of weeks to see if it would get cheaper, but it seems to be getting more expensive. We were
  5. Still looks like it is just me and you getting married at the Melia! How is wedding planning going?!?
  6. That was my only thing that was holding me back too was the $1000 fee...which is crazy by the way...but after looking at the resorts photos nothing really stood out to me like others outside of the resort. HDC is the one I am leaning towards as well...they seem to be pretty fairly priced for what you get. Another photographer I was emailing said the same thing, that it would probably be cheaper just to book the 3 nights instead of paying the fee...definitely something to look into! In terms of details, I haven't done anything else either...not sure if there is anything else to do? LOL People
  7. Hey there! So far pretty good...I think . I chose the Tropical Fairy Tale Package and am going with the ceremony at the Beach Gazebo and then having my reception at the Agora Grill (which is the covered area right on the beach). Other than that, I haven't really done anything or made any other decisions. Last time I talked to the WC, which was a couple of weeks ago, I asked her to make an appointment for my MOH and me at the salon for our hair and make up but I have yet to hear anything back. In terms of the photographer I think I am going to spend the additional $1000 and bring in an outside
  8. I hear ya...I have a ton of guests that want to know prices ASAP. It will also help me out so I can start sending out my Save The Dates that I just finished putting together. For the ceremony I chose to pay extra and have it at the beach gazebo. At first I wanted it on the beach, but then decided against it because I didn't want people in bathing suits watching and in the background of all of the pictures. So this way we still get the beach view and a more intimate surrounding. I am having my reception at the Agora Grill which walks out to the beach. I haven't heard or read anything about the
  9. Hey there! I guess I ended up going with this resort for a few reasons...I spent days reading reviews on a ton of resorts, looking at pictures, and comparing wedding packages. Overall, it came down to I thought the resort looked beautiful and it offers a ton of things for guests to do. I also knew I couldn't go too crazy because I wanted to keep other peoples budgets in mind. I called around and its going to hopefully be around the $1,500 for a week in February. I still haven't gotten finalized prices yet since it is still too far out ut I should be able to get quotes in a couple of weeks!
  10. Hey Everyone! Just curious to know if there are any brides out there getting married at the Melia Caribe in 2015?!? Thought it would be nice to connect with other brides and share and ideas/tips about our upcoming weddings. Or, if you have already gotten married there and would like to share anything about your special day (tips/advice/pictures) that would also be greatly appreciated!
  11. Hey everyone! I was wondering if any brides would be willing to share some of their photos from their wedding day?!? I am debating on where at the resort to have my wedding and reception next February. If anyone has any of the following types of photos to share that would be great!! the amphitheater (reception) beach ceremony reception on the beach beach gazebo ceremony Thanks for your help!
  12. This may sound silly but if we want a friend to perform our symbolic ceremony instead of having someone at the resort do it (Punta Cana), do they have to do anything special before then? Thanks
  13. This may sound silly but if we want a friend to perform our symbolic ceremony in Punta Cana, do they have to do anything special before then?
  14. Yayyyyyyyyyy! I can't wait to dig more into this site and look at all of the wonderful templates and the creative ideas! I am officially a Junior Member!
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