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  1. I got married last year at the Barcelo in Riviera Maya. Here is my blog post that I think might help you ladies on a budget out! http://www.ticklestonickels.com/?p=80 Tickles to Nickels - Destination Wedding for less than $5,000
  2. @@NurseNurse0101 Love your pictures, thank you so much for your review! Sounds like your wedding was perfect!
  3. cfinkenbine

    Traveling With Glass

    @@GingerBride Those shells with sand and candles are soooo cute! Do you think the candles would blow out? Our reception is on the beach.
  4. @@historiemaker sent you an email!
  5. @@Kristen112808 That is the day after mine! What day are you arriving?
  6. cfinkenbine

    Traveling With Glass

    After seeing our resorts centerpieces, it will be much cheaper if we bring our own. How safe is it to check/carry glass on a plane? I am so afraid something would break! Or any other ideas that would NOT include glass would be much appreciated. We also do not want flower ideas for the centerpieces (flowers are too expensive).
  7. My wedding coordinator got switched to Tania Dorado. Does anyone have any experience with her? Thanks!
  8. Thank you everybody! Still not finished with invites and RSVP cards but I will post on here when I am done!
  9. I sent out Save the dates around June/July of 2014 for my May 2015 wedding. I am working on finishing my invites now. I also have a wedding website with a ton of information. This link below is to a different thread I posted that has my STD pictures and invitation pictures so far. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/78310-my-diy-wedding-invitations-stds/ http://rcstromberg.wix.com/rosscelestewedding ^ That is my wedding website
  10. cfinkenbine

    Can Mother In Law Be Matron Of Honor?

    Thank you both for the replies! I just hope people do not think that is strange! Lol
  11. cfinkenbine

    Can Mother In Law Be Matron Of Honor?

    Long story short, my best friend of almost 10 years, who has already accepted my proposal to be my MOH, is now complaining all the time about how she cannot afford to go to Mexico. While I disagree with her spending, and choosing to go to an expensive college, if she cannot go I have to have a back up plan. She is not making saving money a priority. My other best friend, is my mother in law. She is like the mother I never had growing up. As none of my other friends are able to make the trip to Mexico, would it be acceptable to have my mother in law as my MOH? Thank you all for the advice, it has definitely been stressful for me not knowing if my best friend will be able to make the trip.
  12. cfinkenbine

    Oot Cups

    What exactly are favors? Just stuff you give out at the wedding reception?
  13. @@starbx123 Are you going to have a rehearsal dinner/and or welcome dinner? How many guests are you expecting?
  14. cfinkenbine

    Oot Cups

    I just looked at shopbubba.com. OH MY EXPENSIVE! I guess I will have to keep looking :/