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  1. At this point I'm almost finished with our e card save the dates for our September 2015 wedding. I'll be doing invites early next year. I really appreciate all of your feedback. It's been very helpful.
  2. We are planning to get the certificate before we have our symbolic ceremony in Cabo. I think it's up to you and your preference. When you get married in the courthouse, it will be very straight forward and your DW will be your opportunity to share your special day with your family and friends. My mom and my soon to be mother in law already told me that they want to be with us when we do the legal process as well. I think it will be nice to have at least both of them there for both. Good luck
  3. Hi Cabo Brides, I am wondering if you can give me insight on the photographers at the Riu Palace. Our wedding is in September 2015 and I am wondering what you thought about the local photographers. I have talked to a lot of brides who have mentioned their photos are priceless to them and to make sure to find a good photographer for the day. Did you use the photographer that's located at the Riu? Or did you use an outside vendor? Did you get what you were looking for in the images, if you did use the Riu photographers? Any suggestions would be greatly appropriated.
  4. @@misbosox Wow you were able to get everything finished for very little. We just finalized our date, so I think I might do an e-card save the date and paper invitations. @ what a great idea. I don't think we have time for that, but if we did that would be so fun.
  5. @@AmorDeMiVida I will definitely keep you updated on how everything goes. We are trying to keep it down to 40 guests.
  6. @@KatyM81 Funny you mention the website. I just set up our website this morning. I think it will be one of the easiest ways for everyone to get all the information and if there are any changes they can go there. Thank you again for your post. It has been very helpful!
  7. @@KatyM81 I think that is the direction I am leaning towards. We are still waiting on the final contract but I want to make sure I am ready to go once it's finalized.
  8. @@cfinkenbine Thank you for the links. This is very helpful! I am thinking about sending out an e-card save the date since I have a lot of information from our destination wedding agent. But I really appreciate everyone's insight. I will most likely send out save the dates within the next week or so.
  9. I am wondering what others have done in terms of save the dates, invitations etc. The destination wedding coordinator suggested just sending out a nice email with information announcing our wedding. Have any of you done that? If so, what was the response? I also had someone recommend doing an e-card for the save the date and regular invitations later. I would love to hear what you did an anything you would've done differently.
  10. @@AmorDeMiVida At this point we are still trying to decide on the actual location for the ceremony but we are thinking we want to go with the private dinner at one of the restaurants. Do you know how many guests you will be having at your wedding?
  11. @@AmorDeMiVida We are in the process of planned our at the Riu Palace! I will keep you updated on how it's going. I did end up reaching out to Devine Destination Weddings Agency to help as well. They have been very helpful.
  12. @@AmorDeMiVida I have actually found the venue that we are going with. I found using the forums to be very helpful. I had narrowed down the venue choices down to 2 and one of the forums helped me to make my final choice. We decided to go with an all inclusive. @@MichelleT I completely agree the forum has been very helpful. Thank you for your post. It's also been helpful.
  13. @@moethomas8 Thank you so much for posting such detail of your special day. I am in the process of planning my wedding at the Riu Palace in Cabo for September 2015. Did you do any of your pictures before the wedding actually started? Is there anything else you would suggest? I am wondering if you could send me some of your pictures since I am new to the site. nateanderinwedding@@gmail.com
  14. Hi Everyone, I am newly engaged and already feel overwhelmed. Do you have pros and cons for going through an all inclusive? Or would you recommend having guests stay at an all inclusive resort and have the wedding at a different venue? Do you have any suggestions? Would it be worth hiring a wedding planner to help me figure out what would be best for us? We are trying to keep our budget as low as possible. Any information would be greatly appreciate. Thank you! Erin
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