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  1. Just sent the deposit into La Zebra! Excited... coordinator booked... next week booking photographer, video, hair and make up. Anyone using Melissa for make up?
  2. Hello Tulum Brides, Trying to do December, but having a hard time finding venues still available. Anyone doing their wedding at El Pez? Narrowing down our venues: El Pez La Zebra Akiin Ahau Be Tulum Hiring our coordinator this week and goal is to pick a venue. If the venue ever get back to us. lol
  3. Anyone using Melissa from MVP? All the make up and hair artist seem to over do the makeup and the looks like a beauty contest. Looking for someone who does natural looking make up.
  4. I'm having trouble getting ahold of either hotel. Did you ever get the prices from them. Looking at the 2nd week of December. We also into the same hotels. Did you book any other vendors yet?
  5. So excited for our wedding Jan. 14 in Tulum. We are having trouble choosing a venue. We saw Ahau and La Zebra. Both looked great, but now are thinking of Be Tulum and El Pez. We like El Pez since the ceremony location is private, but like the other locations for the receptions. Our coordinator thinks Be Tulum may be a good spot since it's towards the end of the beach and semi-private ceremony location. I'm not sure if it looks to modern. 90 guests. Any other brides with big weddings?