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  1. How long was everyone's video that they got back from the videographer? Mine says that for 5hrs of videography I get a 20-25 minute video. Most of my friends in the states got a 10 min video and then a longer version as well. I am not sure what is typical in Mexico.
  2. Hi, I was just wondering what the average price for 5 hrs of videography was in Cancun? Thanks!
  3. @jackielemmen The pics look beautiful!! Congratulations!! I like that the make-up is natural and not too heavy. Very pretty! Did you have to pay for yours? Thanks for the pics!
  4. @@jackielemman Congrats on your wedding! How was it at Moon Palace? Did you like your hair and make-up?
  5. Thank you for the suggestions/advice! @@jackielemman, Good luck! That is so exciting! Let me know how it goes. How much is the trial run for you? That's a good idea to do a trial 2 days before, so you can get the same person to do it for both. Have a safe trip!
  6. Thank you for your input! It seems like you can find one for ~$800, but then you get the resort charging the outside vendor fee... (ours at Moon Palace is $800).
  7. I have a 2 part question: 1. How much does the average bride pay for hair/make-up? 2. Has anyone had their hair and make-up done at the salon at Moon Palace? Did you like it? If yes/no, who was a good/bad stylist? Thank you!
  8. Hi, I was wondering what the average price is for a DJ in Cancun? Our wedding is at the rooftop at Moon Palace in Cancun/Riviera Maya and I am trying to figure out what a fair price is. Let me know your thoughts! Thanks LTR
  9. I am getting married at Moon Palace in Cancun on March 27, 2015 and need help finding an affordable photographer. I have emailed many good photographers, but their average price is $3,500- $8,000 for 6 hrs of photography (not even including videography)! Does anyone know of a photographer/videographer company that is less than $3,500 for 6 hrs? Most photographers in the Midwest seem to be around $2,000 (ish) plus $1,500 videography for TEN hrs of service... I only need 6 hrs and am shocked at the average price in Mexico. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!
  10. This is a review of:

    Dean Sanderson Photography

    Wedding pics

    Dean and his wife were very responsive and great to work with prior to our wedding. However, I must say I was a little disappointed on our wedding day. I specifically requested certain pictures be taken, and unfortunately, on my wedding day I was too busy to remind him to take these. I just assumed a professional would remember to take pictures of at least my mom and I, my sister/MOH in my dress. Unfortunately, my day went by without some of these very meaningful pictures. I also felt that
  11. LTR

    5 Stars!

    This is a review of:

    Disco Movil DJs

    5 Stars!

    Pros: Lively, straight forward, did what we wanted
    Cons: None
    Having a destination wedding in another country can be scary. Every vendor booked is typically based off of reviews. I am not usually big on writing reviews unless they are amazing or horrible. These DJ's were AWESOME! Super easy to use! They were by far the easiest vendor I dealt with! No questions, very straight forward, awesome DJ's that know what to play and how to get the party started! They played what we wanted and even more! Great! No worries if you get these guys!
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