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  1. To those who have not had their wedding yet: I suggest that if Diana Rodgriguez Gutierrez is assigned to you as your onsite wedding coordinator you have that changed immediately. She was the worst! She made me feel horrible before, during, and after my wedding. She is inconsiderate and not willing to apologize for anything she did even after I spoke with her supervisor. I have horrible memories of my wedding because of her!
  2. Good luck to those brides who have Diana Gutierrez Rodriguez assigned to them as their on site wedding coordinator. She was very inconsiderate and not willing to do anything to make me feel better. She made me stress before, during, and after my wedding. I will forever have a horrible memory of parts of my wedding because of her!
  3. What!? I'm having my reception on the terrace as well...I was not contacted by anyone! In Which terrace were u supposed to have it?
  4. Oh okay, yeah I'll have to figure out what I will do...I have one of my bridesmaid drop out and her daughter (my flower girl) because her mom passed away 1 1/2 weeks ago...Its crazy...I was stressed about it when I found out this week but I know it will all work itself out...oh and now my brother decided he was gonna bring my two nephews after telling me over and over again that he would not bring his children to Mexico. So now! I think he wants me to include them in the wedding party but I have my fiance's nephew as our ring bearer! ugh! people cause us more stress than needed! I don't know h
  5. Does the wedding party walk down as partners or single? (bridesmaid with groomsmen) What if I have no flower girl... will that look silly?
  6. I just found out my flower girl is no longer coming and my wedding is 4 weeks away I have two nephews and my fiance has 1 nephew...would it be funny if I made one of them a "flower girl"? lol. We were supposed to only have one ring bearer but last min I found out the two other boys were coming so IDK what to do with the two other ones. Any suggestions?
  7. I'm just like your guests....WOW lol. I love to see other people's creativity be put to use because I definitely am not creative but things like this inspire me to try lol. Congrats and thank you for sharing...beautiful!
  8. So how does this work? Hope it's not a silly question, but do you have to go onto the groupon website and purchase it first? Thank you ladies
  9. Hey ladies, I finally got my packet back from my priest. What should I do now? I'm afraid of sending it over to Mexico. I rather give it them in person...will that be ok? Please help! Thank you!
  10. Hey Ladies, my wedding is less than a month away now! So excited. I was just informed that my on site WC is Diana Gutierrez. Does anyone have any information about her? I'm hoping she will work with me on everything I want...
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