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  1. I am so glad I found posts like these. I hope it all worked out for you, but reading this post and the replies makes me feel better about what I am feeling (or less pathetic.. maybe selfish?). About two years ago my fiance was emailing women on a date hookup website, I caught him, he lied and lied and lied. I left. we worked it out, and moved on. Well, now, he has lied to me about going to strip clubs. granted I woudl've been pissed, why am I getting everything around for this wedding and budgeting and saving money... and hes out doing and paying for lord knows what. But not even that, he lied
  2. I need to look at this "ering" thing...I have a 3 stone ring and small emeralds on the side and i am do disappointed with wht I have found. He also got the diamonds on the side (front and back?), the peep diamond things.... I am not sure what theyre called, but any right has to sit low or those push it out!
  3. Ive liked some of the hills that are tiffany blue that the knot has posted recently
  4. we're doing coral/orange dresses, and complimentig them with aqua and purple (bird of paradise). I love the second post with the picture from @@Brandy!
  5. JetBlue has to have experience with this. Maybe try calling them? I mean, what do they do with extra tulle dresses that wont fit?!
  6. I was thinking hair down too... but depending on the location of your wedding check if it may be windy. even a chance of wind scares me to go up. its going to be low though, so its more relaxed. Ask your wedding coordinator at the location.
  7. oh no!!! My dress was 850 and I got the train cut off and it altered to floor length. I ordered it that way and the entire bill came to $1100. I have to get the straps taken in when it comes in but thatll be $30 she said. yikes
  8. were doing light linen pants, a linen shirt that hell roll up ithe sleeves on. He is wearing a vest and the groomsmen are not. Hopefully theyll be cool enough!
  9. I know I dont want a sash and all that, I hate being the center of attention though. I want to wear something classy and sexy, this is a good thread! thanks
  10. I wanted to spend less than $1000... knowing slterations can be pricey. My mom FMIL and MOH laughed at me, and then I foudn the dress, FOR $855!! http://www.venusbridal.com/bridals/pallas-athena/PA9907 It ended up being 1100 after alterations, but I couldnt be happier.
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