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  1. Has anyone used GGG PHOTO? They have good prices but I am not seeing reviews anywhere and that makes me nervous. HELP!
  2. can someone please email this to me.. i need to start losing all this gross fat ugh... all i keep thinking about is looking like a blob on the beach w my closest friends and fam... how embarassing. i gotta get it together.... amani0707@@gmail.com
  3. Ok so I want to send my STDs out about 1.5 years in advance from my wedding. I was reading how another bride sent her save the dates and then had 3 payments for their guest to pay for their wedding that way they had a definite number on who is coming. I was thinking this would be a smart idea esp to keep ppl from procrastinating, to get them to commit earlier, and to help them budget out over time. I was just wondering if you think making the first payment before I send the formal invitations out would be smart (1 year out from the wedding), 8 months prior to the wedding, and the last payment 4 months prior to the wedding. I cant recall when we have to have our final numbers to the resort but I was trying to play it safe since I think it will be about 2-3 months prior. Another question, do you think you will underestimate how many guests you will have that way you arent paying more upfront with them? How do incentives work? We are really hoping those will help keep the wedding budget friendly but nice. Any assistance and advice you can give would be greatly appreciated. BTW, if you havent been to the resort, its an AMAZING resort, with a lot going on, music at the pools with the workers dancing and getting the guests to dance, water games, theater shows that are actually good, karaoke for adults and kids, lots of bars, many pools, and it NEVER feels over crowded. All of the staff is EXTREMELY friendly and are aiming to please so you not have to worry about that.... my only negative would be the food.. the food is just OK. So don't go to the resort expecting something AMAZING, it is edible and fine but nothing to write home about. If you have any questions about the resort I am sure I can be of assistance, we have been twice now and still love it.
  4. what an amazing template page.. thank you! i cant wait to use these!
  5. could i ask someone to send me the templates to these. I dont have 150 posts just yet. i would really appreciate it. I am super excited to use these. what a great idea. btamwedding@@gmail.com
  6. hey ladies, so im not getting married in 2015 but 2016 and was just wondering what you guys have planned or thinking about doing? what do you think it will cost you for your wedding? are you using the hard rock dj? oh most importantly how far in advance did you send SAVE THE DATES and wedding invitations? Im still trying to figure that part out once I get my date settled. Any tips would be grateful.
  7. does anyone have pictures of the outside spaces for the reception and or ceremony? originally we were thinking of having a private function inside but now we are thinking maybe we should save money and have it outside but thats only if it looks nice. Do any of you know the options for an outside wedding?
  8. i cant speak for the wedding part there at HRDR BUTTTT I did go down a few years ago on vacation and must say i absolutely LOVE this resort. At the time it was bout 6-8months after they opened so the night club wasnt open but they had tons going on in the sun bar each night (Karaoke, dancing, etc) then we headed down to the lounge where we partied all night with DJ Carlo!!!! The liquor is just fine. I vaguely remember decent selections but make sure you specify what you want. The only draw back for HRDR in my opinion was how far the main lobby was compared to your room. It was EXHAUSTING walking back and forth in the heat. A few times we used the carts they had going on around picking people up. Just be aware of that when you go. The staff was FABULOUS. Food was pretty decent.... some better than others. Presentation of food was always nice though but just know that going into an All Inclusive you CANT expect 5 star food. If you can get passed that you will be fine. ooooooo one evening they had a fashion show going on in the lobby... I caught the tail end of it.. so awesome. Because of how amazing our trip was my fiance and I decided this is the perfect place to get married. Yes, HRDR is more expensive than other resorts near by but SOOOO worth your money. Your guests will see what they are paying for! Any questions on the resort itself I am willing to answer and help if I can. Any other wedding info I cant help with (esp since we arent planning to get married there till about 2016)... If anyone could give me estimated prices of their wedding at HRDR with the total number of guests so I can get an idea that would be so helpful. Thanks a bunch!
  9. If anyone can help by giving an estimate number toward their wedding if its close to the 50-60 person range that would be so helpful. Im just trying to figure is our wedding cost us close to $20,000 or close to $10,000. Please please please any information you can share would be great!!!!
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