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  2. . Yes love vista print I think I'll be getting the bridesmaids totes bags on Black Friday or cyber Monday lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. So sorry getting around to wedding plan again I payed less then 50 bucks for a 40 save the dates including envelope with starfish on them! My guest loooooooved them I love going to people's houses and seeing them on their fridge Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Thank you for the review girl! Your weddings looked truly amazing!!! And both looked truly happy and in love!!!
  5. Lol can't wait until I'm off tomorrow to post some stuff lol
  6. Aww yeah I see your reception being more relaxed! And chilled
  7. Lol I think I'm introducing them have the dj say their names and they can come in dancing
  8. I tried searching no luck found one but it's been closed
  9. Omg 8 months!!! How awesome! Did you send out invites already?
  10. I believe you can have the welcome party on the pier (if available) and also the beach, the bonfire is 250. I got the free cocktail welcome party too I'm thinking after dinner on the beach with bonfire. Since we are releasing the lanterns at night.
  11. I saw a bride on here do it at her wedding I can't remember if she took them with her or not I was thinking the same thing!!! Lol
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