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  1. Mmm..Not quite sure what to get them yet! Love the jewelry idea and coach purse.
  2. My budget was 2k and dress with shoes after taxes was $1200
  3. I'm having trouble with this right now!! My Moms choices so far are not good ideas and she gets so emotional when I tell her I don't like them. Thinking about just giving in and allowing her to pick
  4. I'm not a fan of the skirt idea but it boils down to an individual preference.
  5. I am def getting mine done. Had them before and loved the look!!!
  6. Mine was bought at my size then, have dropped about 2 sizes down and have 2 months to go before first & last alteration of my dress.
  7. Hopefully 3pm isn't as hot. Was originally thinking about changing the time but will stick to 3pm.
  8. Where is your wedding?? If you don't mind me asking what the price range for Sarah is??
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