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  1. That is certainly a perfect basket for decoration and would look even more gorgeous with a bunch of beautiful mix colored flowers in it.
  2. Well this concept seems very interesting as making a monogram with initials or in the form of any figure representing the occasion like an anniversary or wedding would look very nice and when clicked would make a perfect memory too.
  3. All the pictures given here are very beautiful especially the bouquet made of various flowers which can be seen nowadays as a part of trend for decoration in various celebrations and parties.
  4. These are certainly all the items that can be present in this category. It would be best to get a store where each kind is available.
  5. Well this option seems pretty good to select, as when imagining this combination it creates a very beautiful image in everyone's mind. So it can be the best choice for making such selection.
  6. Seems a very nice option to enjoy the beauty of nature in a little different way. If pricing is really that low than availing this option must be considered everywhere.
  7. Using fake flowers is interesting as the longevity of this product is high as compared to real flowers. Since decoration in the wedding is just for a day so it can be thought as a better choice to use fake flowers instead of real ones as they can be preserved for a long time.
  8. No issue with the background. These flowers are very pretty and can attract any person at first sight. The image quality is also so clear that it makes everyone mesmerized.
  9. Well there are many flowers that can be used for establishing this concept and create a beautiful view. The link shared above and the picture posted by Sarah is among the best ideas to use flowers with floating or sunken concept. You can find more ways at any well established flower shop.
  10. Wow amazing bouquets. I love these flowers as they look too pretty for the for this purpose.
  11. These flowers look good and are perfectly suitable according to the hair style. Please can anybody let me know what is the name of white flower?
  12. Well, I always use rose petals for the purpose of floating flowers in vase. It is cost-effective and also look beautiful.
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