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  1. I just think she is intentionally behaving like a biotch. It was made very clear that my mom picks her color, and then his mom can pick hers. This woman is off her rocker ie i told her i want a chocolate cake from my fav bakery- my two stipulations since she offered to get the cake. She tells me she is abs not getting it from that bakery. Like, whose wedding is this? I jsut cant wait for everything to be over.
  2. Yea similar is cool but not the same exact dress in the same exact color
  3. Yea similar is cool but not the same exact dress in the same exact color
  4. OK so my husband I eloped on the fly in Maui 2 weeks ago to avoid drama and now are planning a reception at home. to make a long story short, I told his step mother my mom was wearing black. So she emails me yesterday and tell me they can be twins- she jsut bought a black dress (ALMOST SAME ONE) and calls my mom at work to see if they can match jewelry!!! WHAT THE HECK>?!~?!?! Does she have any class/etiquette? Somebody help me b/c what am i supposed to say? My mom is sooooo mad (PS my parents are paying for this ENTIRE 200 person reception). Come on though- who doesnt know that you dont match your dress to MOB? There is no way she is this ignorant- she has to be trying to tick us off? Please any advice is appreciated.
  5. Good question; I'll be curious to hear the feedback
  6. hmm... that seems like a good idea- thanks for the feedback!
  7. Am I supposed to get married in the USA before the destination wedding? Does that make the paperwork faster/easier? Then just do a symbolic wedding in Jamaica... if I do that, what is my wedding date? The jamaica date or the official date we get married home if we just go to city hall or however you do it...
  8. I am going through the same thing and my Father in Law keeps inviting his friends when he's NOT paying for the wedding- I AM! I just keep saying, only 20 people are going and they're not invited. What is so difficult to understand about SMALL DESTINATION WEDDING w parents, siblings and OUR best friends? Seems self expainatory to me but I feel better hearing the same gripes from other people... I was starting to wonder if there was something wrong w me!
  9. Thanks for the info; I will contact Chandlyn. I have the same questions, does anyone know how long the dancer/fire thrower show goes on for? Looks fun!
  10. sounds like everyone is in the same boat... maybe 1st dance at the cocktail reception after the ceremony? I have 4pm ceremony and so I figure 2 hrs of cocktails.... i guess we'll see. I too dont see the point of paying for a private reception for just 20 people
  11. I'm thinking of doing drink coasters that you can put photos in
  12. I've got 20-25 people going to my wedding in Ochos Rios next july... issue is that I've got people coming from like 5 difference cities across the USA and everyone wants to stay a different date range. I just want it to be cheap for everyone so do I book group travel? is that even possible? Or do I call the airline and see if I can book separately but get a discount? Is it a bad idea to not book directly w the hotel ( If I used a group package on orbitz or somewehre)? Is a TA the best approach? I have no CLUE what to do and everyone is asking b.c everyone is so excited they want to book now. HELP
  13. yes- me too- I only have 20-25 people. I was just thinking after dinner, we are going to want to get our drink on! I am just trying to save money and dont want to pay extra... so maybe we just go to one of the bars
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