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  1. Maybe I should learn how to spell bouquet and boutonniere! haha sorry about that! my fingers move faster than my brain today
  2. I paid about $800 for everything. That was my bouqet, 7 bridesmaids bouqets, 9 boutinarres, 2 wrist corsages and 10 loose plumerias for my cake. I also added a starfish to mine and had crystals added in the center of my plumerias. It probably would have cost me around the same price had I gone with the resort florist. But I felt more comfortable being able to get exactly what I wanted months before my wedding. Had I choose the resort flowers I wouldn't have been able to pick anything out until a few days before my wedding and I was not ok with that. Good luck in your decision. I wouldn't
  3. I plan on carrying my bouquet in my dress bag on the plane. Hopefully it works out ok! I haven't given thought to my BM/s bouquets. There are 7 of them and I'm afraid if I have them bring them down I will just worry about someone forgetting theirs. We have SO much stuff to travel with it is stressing my FI out big time. I'm hoping we can upgrade to 1st class for a reasonable price at the last minute. I highly recommend Roberta. She was great to work with and her work is outstanding. I really am glad I choose real touch over flowers from the resort because I have seen recent brides posting
  4. Past brides who have had their rececption at the colonial wet bar.....did you hang paper lanterns?! I'm STILL trying to pick what sizes I should buy. Some brides have posted 12, 16 & 18" but I'm wondering if I some use some 8 or 10" as well? Decisions, decisions.....
  5. Thanks everyone! I just couldn't spend all that money on real flowers and throw them away after the wedding. Especially not being able to bring them back home. Plus I could pick my flowers and work with Roberta on what I was looking for instead of telling my WC 2 days before my wedding what I wanted and would most likely had to pay for an upgrade on the flowers. A lot of brides seem to be going with Real Touch and I now see why. You won't be disappointed
  6. Thank you! I was super excited to finally see them in person. I ordered them without ever seeing a RTF in person.
  7. I just received my bouquets in the mail the other week. I used Plumeria's Wedding Flower Boutique and Roberta was a pleasure to work with. She is located in California and I couldn't have been happier with my choice. She was very easy to work with. The pictures were just taken on my phone and please excuse the mess in the backgrounds. I have been slacking on the cleaning my bouquet my bouquet my FI's bout my BM's bouquets my MOH's bouquet picture roberta posted on her FB page before she sent them to me The orange orchids are the groomsmens and the ora
  8. Thanks for sharing! I love this and think I may use it for my wedding. Starfish is a part of our wedding so it fit's perfectly
  9. I had Plumeria's do my flowers too! Roberta is amazing. My wedding is in less than 2 months and I just received my flowers a few weeks ago! They are even more amazing and gorgeous in person. I believe Roberta does centerpieces as well. She has a website and a facebook page. I would contact her via email and see what she says. She is so great to work with. I've taken my flowers with me to my dress fittings and received so many compliments. I also receive a bouquet and bout in my wedding package but wanted to be able to bring my flowers home with me. You can't go through customs with real
  10. THey look even better in person! I was so anxious to see them in real life and I'm just amazed. I've taken my bouq. with to my dress fittings and the girls there are so impressed with them. I just love that I can keep them forever. If I ever renew my vows I will def. be using it again
  11. Great review Michele! Where did you find your fans at?! There are exactly what I am looking for Congrats on your wedding! Ours is March 29 so its quickly approaching!
  12. Gorgeous!!! I ordered from Roberta as well and mine are shipping in a few weeks. I'm so anxious to finally see them!!!
  13. I think your BM bouquets look great just the way they are. If you really think they need something maybe add 2 or 3 of the roses in your bouqet. Even the size is fine.
  14. I went with Real Touch for my wedding. For the same price I could pick exactly what I wanted without an added charge for "upgrading". Plus they won't wilt or die and I can bring them back home with me. I choose Plumeria's Wedding Flower Boutique located in California. I know a lot of girls use Enchanting Memories which I think is based in Canada. Both have great reviews from past brides. I'm still debating on selling mine after the wedding. I'm not 100% sold on the idea but it's not like I'll ever use them again. My wedding colors are pink and orange so my flowers will match that. I know
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