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  1. A few days late, but only 11 months to go!! We currently have 7 cabins booked!!
  2. I found the file with the pictures! I think most of them are of people, but I'll sort through them tomorrow for ones with some background!
  3. We sent the save the dates last month and had 7 rooms booked after that. I'm going to send invites this fall and expect most of the bookings to happen then. The RSVP will have three options, "coming and booked," "unable to attend," and "planning on joining, but waiting for a last minute deal" or something like that. Those are the people I will follow-up with. I also started a Facebook group and randomly post stuff there.
  4. I agree!! Ignore the comments from the "mean" girls!!
  5. Oh yay!! Congratulations on your engagement!! You will find so many great ideas here! Good luck and happy planning!
  6. We are using a palm tree logo and the colors purple & silver (printed items, flowers, bridal party, cake). The reception will be Mexican fiesta themed so lots of bright colors.
  7. I can't wait to start my OOT bags!! So far away right now, but I'm starting my list of possible items! Fun!
  8. Congrats and welcome to the forum! You will find a ton of great ideas here and a lot of support/advice as well! Happy planning!!
  9. Congrats and welcome to the forum!! Happy planning!!
  10. Excellent thread!! Going to add some of this to my binder!
  11. We are going to have a small legal ceremony here with family that cannot join us on our cruise. We aren't going to tell anyone else and I've been told nobody will be able to tell the MX ceremony is symbolic.
  12. I'm still in the early planning stages and not getting married on Princess, but I wanted to say Congratulations and welcome to the forum!
  13. Thanks! I'm sure I'm going to have lots more questions! It turns out my sister had a PVP and didn't even know it (he called her after she booked this cruise to see if she had any questions). So she gave him my info and he said no problem to taking over for me! We are just going to have everyone book on their own and he will link them. And I think you are right on the dining time, we will probably go with late. I am least looking forward to the dress shopping. My friends keep asking me to go and I keep telling them next month! Guess I can't do that too much longer! Lol!
  14. Hi Steph! Welcome to the forum! I live in Orlando and have actually been on the Indian River Queen twice for work functions. We did the afternoon trip and they were a lot of fun. It was a few years back so I can't remember too much about the decor. I know the top deck was casual with small tables, the middle deck has the bar and that's where they had the music and the bottom deck was the dining area which was nice. I think I have pictures, let me check this weekend and I'll get back to you!
  15. Congratulations and welcome to the forum! I agree with Carlota. I did not include the AHR on my Save the Date. I may on the invitation, but i'm not 100% decided on that right now. Mine will be a casual backyard party so I will probably send e-vites for mine a month or so in advance.
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